Sylvester caught red handed.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by wide load, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Just got word that Tim and company were found guilty! I guess you are like Carey after all.
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    Found guilty by who???
  4. So far the executive board.
  5. Now it's unbelievable to Bubblehead. But when The 251 local executive board ruled against the retaliation of a female member he was very supportive of the executives being honest? What was it that he said about irony?
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    Not true.

    I bristled then, and I bristle now, at the notion of someone being "convicted" in a kangaroo court comprised of political adversaries and those who levied the original charges.
    Let us know when it ALL plays out.

    I'm sure you will, over, and over, and over.....unless it doesn't suit your interests in the end.
  7. I'm sure the appeal is being written by the TDU dues money as we type.
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    Which Sylvester ?

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  9. The fat one
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    They already knew they'd be found guilty by them. Nothing more then dirty politics.
  11. I'm sure the appeal is in. It will go to JC. Get appealed. Then to the GEB. Maybe the IRB should get involved. Will that jeopardize a receivership? Not sure. I'm more focused on Sean negotiating our contract. People are excited around my building.
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    I'm excited too. I don't know a whole bunch about the guy, but I think we definitely needed a change.
  13. He's a great man. Holds UPS accountable. Not sure how far you are from Boston but April 1st is his annual charity drive for autism. If anyone is interested, I can point you to the tickets.
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    If you listen to @wide load, it's not good to subscribe to change just for the sake of change?

    I agree with that notion, just not as excited about this "change", as I fear it is part of a bigger plan that we are once again not being made a privy to.

    Just once, could they roll out the whole plan at one time???
    Is transparency too much to ask???
  15. Really isn't a giant secret. Obvious holes needed to be filled. I think we are in a direction of improvement. Just because your not being told a step by step doesn't mean it's a big secret.
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    You must of had a bad day partner. What sinister plot do you think you're now uncovering?
    Why do you think Sean O was shadowing KH during the last contract? He was the heir apparent for a long time. The plan is simple, Sean O is moving up, he's the next generation.
    If KH stayed in place you'd be bitchin the IBT isn't thinking forward.
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    We have to give SO a chance. I already see all the Facebook bashing and it's pathetic. Teamsters United lost. We have to move forward. Let's put some good proposals out there and see what he can do. Nobody can judge him yet. We have to give him a chance.
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    That's where good young up and comers need to pop in and tell them how it is. You already proved yourself to me. I have your back. Tell them how it is. You are a leader show them the way. Someone like you loves being a Teamster and protects the brand. Learn them brother