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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Apparently there's news breaking now that the basketball program at Syracuse has a sexual abuse case too.
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    If nothing else I bet the Catholic community is thankful that some of the heat is being taken off them.
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    I accept your apology and realize that I don't make up stuff like the Northern One.
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    Can't wait to listen to 95x tomorrow!
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    His face rings a bell ... I thought it was Barney Franks.
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    Between Penn State and now Syracuse, are we in the early days of an exposure as big as the problem the clergy and the Catholic Church had to deal with? And I'm not certain if the problem in the church was fully and completely exposed or not. Watching Outside the Lines on ESPN as I type this as they cover the Syracuse story and it's just tragic that institutions of faith and sports, both that can make a positive difference in a young boy's life, have devolved to such low and destructive standards.

    Kids don't :censored2: Up kids, adults do!

    Kids aren't born bad, adults make them that way. And who makes adults?

    I'm no perfect parent by any stretch but stuff like this just makes me mad as hell.
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    Keep in mind that the Syracuse "incident" is only an allegation at this point.

    I was talking about this with one of my customers the other day. The "alleged incident" took place in 1987--ESPN and CNN (?) both investigated (2003) and neither thought the allegations credible enough to go forward with the story. The timing of this sounds like $$$ to me.

    There should be a statue of limitations in place for reporting of incidents such as these.
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    You are correct and I have to keep reminding myself that but my gut keeps telling me otherwise.
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    Don't ignore that gut as I fear we have just seen the beginning of these allegations. It is a shame that a mere game was put before the destroyed lives of young children.
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    AMEN Brother Dave!

    Big AMEN!
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    :sad-little:I agree with upstate and wkmac lets not get the hanging rope out yet. If the accused is guilty he should he should go to jail for the rest of his life.
    If the accusations are phony the accusers should pay a huge price.

    I believe there are two accusers at this point. One has claimed that he was molested until his late twenties.

    Hard time believing that unless he is mentally challenged. As was already mentioned some type of investigation was done years ago --no evidence ,no witness, no other "victims" came forward.

    A real sad movie with Hepburn dealt with the consequence of false accusations--The Childrens Hour. A teacher because of a false accusation eventually commits suicide.

    Please do not interpret this post that I approve of child molestors. I believe that it ranks on the top on any crime that a person can commit. Hate to use a cliche but Innocent until proven guilty should still apply.
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    In the court of public opinion very few falsely accused ever completely regain their innocence.
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    I heard someone say that about Cain recently--the polls now support that. Not proven but there are consequences.
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    As far as these sports programs at the schools.......they have all gotten way out of hand. I wouldn't care if they went away. It's a school. How much of a jock's time is concentrating on studies. He/she has people to take test for them. Maybe schools should provide education and a few social activities and that's it.
    If they need physical activity, they should all have Mrs. Harris for gym like I did......."OK, now do 50 jumpin' jacks....ready?.... and a one , two, three, etc"
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    There is no doubt that kids need physical activity, and just doing jumpin' jacks isn't enough. Today's PE teachers do much more that throw out a bunch of balls then set on their butts. But that's not the subject anyway.

    Several have said innocent until proven guilty, I concur but, if they are proven guilty the full extent of the law should be on their heads.