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    What constitues someone being allowed to take a leave of absensce ? Can it be school related, for example, studying abroad ? Or is it only allowed if you break a leg or have a heart attack or something ?
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    get pregnant.
    get injured.

    am I missing something?
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    family medical leave act
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    option days
    sick days
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    If I'm not mistaken a leave of absence is covered under the FMLA and medical purposes concerning your own health. I do not think education is covered at all. Contact HR to make certain.
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    I've seen numerous folks quit in my building when they are denied a few weeks off or something when they ask.. Most are college kids who had plans during the summer and don't have the seniority to get vacation when they want (if they even have vacation built up).
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    Its sad to see this. I've been told by old school drivers that this is one of the reasons why the part time work force in recent years has gone to hell. It isn't attracting college kids that have half a brain and possibly, just maybe, care about the company. In my building, the new hires are bottom the barrel who are very poor selections. I think we just take whoever applies! College kids can make more at the school bookstore on campus and not have management that constantly tells them how bad the suck etc..for 8.50 an hour.

    ...keep sacrificing the unborn.:wink2:

    point to the thread, I think you're screwed unless you are taking FMLA or quit.
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    FMLA is granted for family related illnesses that are documented by a doctor. Along with paternity leaves for both male and female employees. If anyone is ever in doubt, if they can apply for FMLA, this site is very useful

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    Thats what my youngest son is doing, working in his college bookstore. The other son works producing shows at his college TV station. Neither one of them would consider working for UPS. I'm happy about that.
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    Isn't that messed up? I have friends and family that inquire about it and I try to keep them away. I usually just mention loading a long box for 4 hours, while getting screamed at..they ask well whats it pay? 8.50 an hour BUT you get benefits.

    they usually respond, "well i dont care about the benefits right now. the school provides healthcare for free and my parents have a perscription plan for me if i ever get sick."

    ..well now I can't even dangle the benefits carrot in front of them anymore.
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    Go up to your FT and ask him for days off and if he denies, threaten him with castration.:biting:
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    UPS continues to hire folks looking for a job as opposed to those folks that need a job. I’ve tried so many times to get good honest hard working folks in the door (PT) only to have HR say no. Why? They weren’t college students. I have no problem at all with UPS trying to hire students, not at all. Why not mix in some good old fashioned work ethic? If they would hire a guy that’s married with a couple kids, his wife would make damn sure he gets out of bed and off to work on time. We all know folks that fit this description, a person supporting a family on a single income that’s looking for a good steady PT job. In many cases the (low as it is) starting PT UPS pay is close to what they’re making at the FT gig. That makes the UPS job even more appealing to a person working to make ends meet.

    Our preload manager was telling me this morning his biggest issue is “late for work”. College kids been out partying all evening and can’t come to work on time.
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    UPSdude. truer words were never spoken. I railed against HR casting its pearls of employment before immature brats who after the second week, know that they can make nearly as much cash flipping chicken at Boston Market.
    The powers at HR took their revenge on me. For nearly 18 months, every new hire in my preload workarea was a single mother.
    But then I did the unthinkable....I worked WITH these mothers. If a mom had to get off early because her son called her cell(he missed the bus), if at all possible, I let her go early. If it was her week to carpool, I allowed her to start early. When her daughters were sick, she snuck in and with the help of babysitters and children's Roebitussin, finished before the little terrors were awake.
    And I got the numbers, as well as the smartest workers I ever had. These women ,who were always on their feet, knew the importance of saving steps. These people were damned thankful for a job that helped with their son's orthodontics, or with their daughter's flu sniffles.
    And they always lifted the boxes correctly, because they knew that the most important package they had to lift was in a crib at grandmom's house.
    I always called each "ma'm" and by the end of my time there, if I asked my ladies to lift the building off its foundation and rotate the building 90 degrees-they would have done it. And no other supe, male or female, understood how my ladies were able to shame the other workareas.
    Several of the ladies left the workarea. Two because they had earned their associate's degrees.
    Two because they became supervisors.

    So why does HR continue this love affair with finding19 year old pinks who haven't learned a work ethic yet? I have 3 theories:
    1) Universities are still places to meet a lot of people in a small area and time.
    2) HR nerds get to be BMOC
    3) there is still this foolish idea that students cost less due to lesser healh care costs. While this may be true, the cost of turnover is killing the company. What is the cost now for getting a new hire through the door, train him, and have him work the first 30 days? The price is over two grand per person.

    Maybe the one good thing about the lowball starting pay in the new contract is that it will separate out the persons who really need this job from those who couldn't care less.
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    It has been my long held opinion that most college students aren't working at UP$ for a living, Mom and Dad supply that. They are working for beer money.
    The decision to hire students doesn't come from the HR person that goes to the job fairs at schools, it comes from way higher than that. The question is why? The answer is told trough the number of degreed people in higher management that started PT, drove for 30 days and took the fast lane using a degree that UP$ needed filled. It's like finding the green M&M in a bag of red ones.
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    I agree, but the problem isn't the ones that stay, it's those that last 2 weeks and out the door. I'm simply suggesting the company look towards filling some of the positions with folks that are simply looking for a PT job.