Talks on DHL's US packages ended - UPS spokesman

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    Talks on DHL's US packages ended - UPS spokesman - Reuters

    United Parcel Service Inc (UPS.N), the world's largest package delivery company, and DHL have called off talks for UPS to handle the Deutsche Post AG (DPWGn.DE) unit's U.S. domestic package service, a spokesman said on Friday.

    "UPS and DHL have mutually agreed to terminate their negotiations," the spokesman, Norman Black, said. "UPS is in its quiet period before earnings and will have nothing further to say at this time."

    The deal had been expected to generate up to $1 billion a year in revenue for UPS.
  2. disneyworld

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    Well that sux
  3. ups1990

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    A potential 1 billion dollar account(s) went nowhere?. At a time when UPS, keeps pressuring drivers to look for leads?
  4. NaiveRapture

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    Yeah what happened!! This was kind of our ticket out of all this muck!!
  5. rod

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    No atta boys for the UPS team trying to put this deal together. It would be fun to be in a room with this group and watch all the finger pointing. :sad-little:
  6. MikeTbob

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    Substitute a Hot Poker for the finger pointing and I'll buy tickets to that one.:angry-very2:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I wonder if you'll see an alliance FDX instead. It must be a good reason that UPS ended talks. Maybe a billion in rev was not enough for what DHL wants in return.
  8. hdkappler

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    :happy-very:real good billon dollar business deal,i'am glad i'am retired.jim casey would roll in his grave.i don't blame any driver for not handing anymore sales least i'am retired.
  9. UPSNewbie

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    I can see the conversation...

    "Turn in sales leads!"

    "Why? All of mine turn the way of DHL...."
  10. Feederdrivermack

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    sad day in UPS land
  11. sf_bigfrog

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    like Coca Cola stoped buying Chinese Huiyuan?hehe.LOL
  12. UPS_UK

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    Probabaly not profitab;e enough for UPS. Proft yes and plety, not enough.

    A manager once told me "We are UPS and if a customer wants to ship with us, they will pay and do what we tell them" ar$e!!

    Some of the UPS management, in fact most of them are arrogant :censored2:s and have never spoken to or seen a customer and have no idea what the market is like.
  13. Monkey Butt

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    Sounds like UPS in the US twenty years ago. Definitely not like that now in the US.