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    Lately management has gotten this bright idea to make everyone start earlier than their scheduled start time. Everyone makes the necessary changes in the board and off they go for the day....only to find out the next morning that the early start time was changed back and you don't get paid for the early start. They all play dumb and the shop stewards are in with management so we all get ripped off. This happens every christmas as well. Nice world! Any suggestions for a plan of action???
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    yup, refuse to punch in unless your start time is acurate in your diad!
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    There should be a record of any timecard edits done. Call the human resources manager and get the phone number to the corporate employee hotline. Fill them in on your story and ask it to be investigated. Also could call the department of labor in your state. Definately file a grievance as all time worked before your posted start time is to ba paid at time and a half.
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    Crash, they (drivers) are changing their start times in the DIAD--mgt is editing these changes after the drivers punch out.
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    Any changes to your timecard must be approved by you. If they are not checking with you and informing you of the change to your card then they should be fired.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The problem is most employees don't keep track of their hours. I know I don't. However, if you are instructed to start early, change your DIAD accordingly only to find out that mgt changed it back, this definitely needs to be followed up on.
  7. rod

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    We had a center manager who was sent packing after being caught changing a drivers punchout time one Christmas. We were told he had been fired but he resurfaced as a supervisor at another center. Imagine that.
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    Like the Catholic Church lets send the bad priest somewhere else. Happens all the time.
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    This is the thing to do. Also, I would try to get your fellow employees to do this as well.

    That 1-800 number will have them hopping. When we use it, things shape right up. It always cracks me up when HR shows up to investigate, the last thing they say is "oh, by the way, here is my cell number so you can reach me directly and not have to wait for the 1-800 center to launch an investigation". I always reply, "thanks, but if I do that, there won't be any real documentation outside of my district I can fall back on".​


    That 800 is worthless just like the guy on the other end who answers, i went to him and even the ceo and they have managements back not yours that number is a joke, they dont keep your name anonymous they will let your division manager know its you, your local hr will know its you and then your manager will know its you guaranteed, I went through all of that and they said in their own words dont let the door hit you where the good Lord split you after 5 years of busting A and all.
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    Hmm....I never tried to be anonymous. I told them who I was and what I wanted to happen. HR showed up, I grabbed my Steward, and we went into the office with the people I accussed of wrong doing. HR questioned me and then we (myself and the steward) were asked to step out of the office while HR had a discussion with management. My manangement was excused from the office and we (steward and myself) were asked back in. We talked more about the issue and then closed with a handshake. I got a call later that week saying I shoudn't have anymore problems and to not hesitate calling the local number to get a "quicker response". I said "thank you but I'll stick to the 1-800 number".

    This process has worked on more than one occasion for myself and a few other members of my workarea.
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    Good to hear it worked for you. Going over the heads of the local building gets real results in situations like this that I've seen/been a part of. The problem with the "local" number is just that, it's local. It's like calling the precinct captain about a bad cop, they cover each others ass. You gotta take the issues above the crap floating or the issues never get above water.
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    I will write it again.........Any change of your DOT timecard (if you're DOT certified and drive for the company) must be approved by the employee. End of story. If management changes any DOT regulated timecards without the employees permission it must be reported not only to the 800 Ethics Hotline but most of all to a DOT (PUCO) Investigator immediately. You can get in touch with a PUCO Investigator by calling your nearest State Highway Patrol post and asking for a PUCO Investigator to call you immediately. This will take the situation out of UPS's "Court" and expose the corrupt workplace practices the company has gotten away with for far too long. The investigator will be more than willing to come into your center and have the company open their "books" for a pretty nasty audit. There is a large fine that goes along with those infractions and the arrogant management folks deserve it. You also have the right to have the OMS print out your timecard EVERY DAY after you punch out and I would do that EVERY DAY. IF THEY BREAK THE LAW AND YOU ALLOW THEM TO DO IT YOU MAY BE HELD LIABLE TOO BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T REPORT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY THAT YOU WITNESSED HAPPENING. It is your DOT hours and YOU are liable for them being correct every day.
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    You say lately as though this is their first rodeo? We just had a supervisor admit to adding extra time onto an hourly s break to make their numbers look good, called the center manager on it and got a reply of admittance from manager about the sup. (GOLDEN) handed it over to L.P. and sending a copy of the statements to the Department of Labor. Unbelievable they think it's not theft but that is exactly what it is. 10 minutes is approximately $8 x 5days = $40x52weeks=2,080 a year from one driver exclude vacations a little less, I call that a felony. Bottom line is check your hours everyday to the minute, there are two time cards one from the computer one from the diad..they can't change the diads time once punched out.
  15. packagemandan

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    Surprised they didn't promote them and give them a raise. LOL
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    You have the right to a copy of the diad timecard every day. Get it as soon as you punch out. When the company knows you save it every day they are a whole lot less apt to touch any of your numbers.
  17. over9five

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    I keep track of my hours to the hundredths. My check has only been off a few times, and never because someone was being dishonest.

    Everyone should keep track of their exact hours. That is your bill for your services to UPS.
  18. menotyou

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    My former center manager, now on-car, learned the hard way not to tamper with hours.
  19. upser01

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    Thanks for all the good tips. I have also used the 800 number and all they did was give it back to the people who started the problem so nothing really got solved. I do think the Department Of Labor idea is a good one. I am in the process of filing a complaint now on another issue. Apparently there is something in the contract that states we cannot file a law suit while employeed with UPS. Makes sense because everyone would sue the hell out of them everyday. I will tell you about how this other payroll issue comes out soon! UPS management really sucks. They break the law everyday and for the most part get away with it. No justice!
  20. chuchu

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    Most labor attys will tell you that you must go thru the grievance procedure first. There is nothing that prevents you from filing a law suit while employed. It truly depends on the situation. I know of two lawsuits filed by employees (in our area) in the last 24 months. One is pending and the other one was alledgedly settled before it went to court. Both employees work still work for the company and unfortunately the management involved (found guilty) in the one that was settled before it went to court is still employed there also. Talk to a labor law atty before you discard the opportunity. The grievance procedure will bring out (and document) facts that you can use later in court if need be.