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    How can i get the official policy on tattoos and earrings?ANd do u know what they are?
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    As for your question, "And do u know what they are?"

    A tattoo is a permanent marking made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons.

    earrings - jewelry to ornament the ear; usually clipped to the earlobe or fastened through :censored2: in the lob.

    Airplane has had a permanent affect on my humor! :happy-very:
    Surely you understand.
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    It depends on your job classification, if you go onto and type in dress code it will have most of the dress codes on their and the policy book should come up as well its a pdf and I believe the page with appearance on it is the 23rd....if its not just type appearance in the find option and itll pop right up
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    The content about tattoo's and earings are stated in your contract. Or at least they should be. Speak with your steward to understand the exact language. If this doesn't give you an answer, contact your business agent. It's why you pay union dues.
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    Too funny once again Hoax!!
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    Once again great question ......i have had this discussion for about 3 years now and finally while in the office on a non related discipline that wouldnt stick because it was b.s. The labor relations manager came @ me on my heavily tattoo'd legs.....blah blah blah union simply stated in our district / contract there is no policy on tattoo's as i was hired in shorts & a collered shirt as a driver 8 years ago and my tattoo's were very visible and not an issue until now !!!!
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    Yes, I've looked on UPSERS.Com and at the contract and can find no mention about tattoos or earrings.

    We hired 4 new FT drivers for Tues-Sat (since we won the 5 punch grievance their response was to hire more drivers so no one would be needed as a sixth punch on Sat) and one of them has visible tattoos on his legs. I assume then that there is no hard and fast rule and just depends on the center manager.
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    the mgr didnt like this one guys tatoo and told the employee he couldnt continue to work with the fword tatooed on his neck. so he had it modified to 666 instead.
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    I once gave a ride to a loader who just got off his shift ( It was snowing and I saw him leave the same time I did and he was on the street) On the way to his home(which was on my way) he remarked that he had been doing this about 5 years. And I asked him had he had the opportunity to become a package driver yet . And he told me that a year previously, his seniority gave him the right to get the job but apparently his tatoos (which I couldn't see because he was bundled up) were apparently an unspoken issue. He said that amongst the many tatoos he had ,one went up his neck a little bit and that in a brown package uniform , a lot of tattos would be visible. Somehow, he was pushed to the side in favor of some one else. Just his story, I don't know if there were other things involved

    I remember a few years ago, that the navy instituted a policy about incoming recruits couldn't have visible tatoos. This was on sixty minutes. It was grandfathered so that those already in the service could keep what they had. Sixty minutes interviewed an admiral who was with the navy since the korean war and as you might imagine, he had quite a few tatoos. I don't remember their exact reasoning for the policy.
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    Also check out Leviticus , it has something to say about tatoos.

    Also, tatoo was the sidekick and gopher to a Mr. Rourke who ran a tourist trap called fantasy island.
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    whats a earring?
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    Did you read Hoax's post up^there?
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    trplnkl : I don't know how to pull the quote correctly so I'll just answer. No, I am not the Jewish guy but I did grow up in a mixed neighborhood with many assimilated jews so I am somewhat familiar with some of the customs. As for your comment of having a tatoo of .... TATOO. I think that that person would get fired for lack of judgement and/or bad taste.
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