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    I showed up to work and Dr put me on restriction and center manager told me when I came in I will not be offered taw and now I'm being paid comp is there a reason they are doing this. I'm not having surgery or anything just doing physical therapy and other care also can they call back any day then offer me taw any comments would be help full.

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    Is the injury work related?
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    More to the story?
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    They don't have to offer TAW but they usually do. Comp does not pay the bills. Call your BA or shop steward to see if they can help you.
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    I had a back injury on the job did my weekly call ins was on comp for a while then Dr put me on restriction so I called center manager last Friday said I would be in on Monday and told me he got the doctor restriction forum showed up Monday then told me to go home he is not going to offer TAW it to me. I called union they said as long you are getting paid your fine so now I'm getting comp pay. I'm just curious why they would want me on comp not TAW is there any reason for this.
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    TAW is usually offered when you are expected to be back on the job within 30 days.

    TAW is paid by the company.

    Comp is paid by your state.
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    So since Gallagher Bassett is paying me now they are thinking that I'm not coming back withing 30 days and its a center manager decision I just got the feeling like they did not want me back or are they trying to force me out or something.

    Thanks for the reply's.
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    If you went out on comp you can't come back to TAW. You have to be 100% before you can return (as far as I understood). UPS normally uses TAW to try and stop people from going out on comp.
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    Thank you
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    The only reason they put you on TAW is to avoid a Workman's Comp claim, and since you were already on Comp, putting you on TAW would just be a waste of their money.
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    That's funny cause whenever I was on comp Liberty Mutual paid me not the state.
    Wrong again know it all.
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    This is the new hot thing that is going on now with injuries. I was hit by a drunk driver head on in the UPS truck and tore the meniscus in both knees. After 13 days they forced me off of TAW, while we had 2 other drivers that had worked over 75+days on TAW. One of the drivers was released to go back to full duty, but after about 2 weeks he re injured his back. When he talked to center manager they gave him 4 hr TAW then after a week they pulled that and put him on work comp. Here in Oklahoma max comp pay is 561 a week.
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    I remember when I broke my ankle a few years back and had surgery the center manager kept asking when can you come back to TAW the center manager also kept telling me they could put and extension on TAW. Also that was after surgery with no timetable from doc for full duty because of injury.
  15. Wally

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    80% tax free. Comp pays well.
  16. Gumby

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    And the hours,are great!
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  17. bleedinbrown58

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    Only 66% here.
  18. icemanxo

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    I do agree the hours are great can't argue with that.
  19. mreed171

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    It was 800$ until they dropped it this year. So it used be 80% now it is less than 50%.
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    Are you pregnant?