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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Shift 2, Aug 26, 2018.

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    I just started cover driving 2 weeks ago so I’m still in my 30 days but ive been with the company for 9 years . If or when I make my 30 days does my building seniority give me the RIGHT TO WORK over some one who has less pt seniority than me but qualified as a TCD before me
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    To answer this question better people will need to know what area you're in.

    TCD/Casuals/Cover Drivers are different everywhere.
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    I don’t believe so but you should be able to pick vacations over them.
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    Where I am, you go to the bottom of the list for the remainder of the calendar year. On January 1 it resets by building seniority. So you are SOL for the rest of this year but move ahead of them on Jan 1.
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    If you are TCD with most seniority, you get first dibs.

    Part time seniority list is just that.

    If they have less seniority than you and have gone full time, then you now have less seniority as they are full time and you are part time.