Teamster DRIVE??

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by notlim, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. eastlos

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    Anyone know how I can stop my weekly contribution to DRIVE?
  2. wildgoose

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    Tell your manager that they need to call payroll to authorize the stop-They intern call Dallas,Tx payroll to disontinue i believe - took me 1 1/2 weeks. If they don`t want to do it call the National Labor Review Board and tell them you are not given the oppertunity to withdrawl each year unlike contributing to the united way as they ask you yearly. Don`t waste your time asking the teamsters they will just ignore your request.
  3. eastlos

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    yes I also forgot to ask. When we sign up for DRIVE is it yearly or once you sign up it will be taken out of your paycheck indefinitely?

  4. brett636

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    Someone from my local was trying to get me to sign up for that. I would be all for it if I knew my money wasn't going to democrats that I despise.
  5. scratch

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    I had to go down to my Local and fill out a form to get out of DRIVE. I also had to listen to some lecture about how UPS Drivers were all greedy and didn't want to "take care of those that went before us". I'm glad we voted that administration out. And yes, the Democratic Republican Independent Voter Education is about giving all the money to help elect Democrats only. You know, the party that thinks I'm rich and should be paying more taxes. Thats why I got out.:mad:
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  6. wildgoose

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    Scratch like a fool i sent two withdrawls in and they ignored both but then think why would they denie themselves my cash ? How the company lets them(Teamsters) get away with this without an easy out instead you wait and wait and wait. This could lead to another lawyer heyday like the lunch hour fiasco they just went thru. You notice that they ask you yearly about the united way but not the drive fund ? I would suggest each center get a list of names and have a witness when handing to a manager to direct it to payroll - Give em two weeks and re-approach to find out why it wasn`t taken care of ? This is absolutley absurd that this is allowed to continue like you don`t matter well you do and this will be resolved !
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  7. sawdusttv

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    I called down to the local and the secretary sent me a withdrawal form and a preaddressed envelope to an address in Washington DC. She also told me that once I sent it in that it would take six to eight weeks for the withdrawal to take affect. She knew what she was talking about because it worked just as she said!:)
  8. wildgoose

    wildgoose WILDGOOSE

    Congratulations ! I had to send it back to my local which is probably why it never made it to Washington - like i said before go figure. My way worked in 1 1/2 weeks. It`s my decision why should i have to ask the teamsters for their help when its my $. United way doesn`t tell me they ask me ! Its just set up wrong from the get go. Not mad at you but its just B.S the way things are.
  9. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    What is DRIVE?
  10. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I think it's the Teamster's PAC.
  11. eastlos

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    noooo!!!:ohmy: lol...

    yup its the teamster pac it stands for Democratic Republican Independent Voter Education.

    I'm gonna call my local to see if it's as easy as just requesting a form. I hope so.
  12. wildgoose

    wildgoose WILDGOOSE

    If you send it put it certified mail :wink: Its the only way !
  13. Fullhouse

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    Better not get out of it! If you run for office in your local union election, the incumbents will search your records and then try to use that against you. Just like what is happening in the Local 509 election. The incumbents are are using information from the personnel files to enhance their election campaign. They declare that part of the 509 Members First slate do not support DRIVE, buy not donating. The only way to tell for sure is to use records within the local. :tongue_sm
  14. raftmanmikefitz

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    Thanks, Before I began with UPS I headed fundraising for Universities. It was policy that all deductions/contributions by payroll would be only for one year and renewed by the contributor--like we do now for United Way. This Drive campaign has not even met this most important requirement. Now I know how to stop it. Thanks again