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Where would you hang your copy of "Hoffa Pimped Out"

  1. Above the toilet

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  2. Above the mantle

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  3. Storage closet

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  4. I want a refund

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  1. nospinzone

    nospinzone New Member

    Dunno if this has been posted here yet, but I stumbled onto this bit of info in the deep recesses of

    Hoffa and Keegel "Pimped Out"

    Portrait Fees

    Full length.
    $60,000 each

    The frame is not included in the price.

    Travel and living expenses are additional when it is necessary for the artist to leave New York.

    How many members does it take to buy a painting??
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  2. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Well I looked the site over and did not see the paintings of junior Hoffa anywhere. But then again I did not see any heading that was convicted fellons, or lying cheats, or any other such thing.[EVIL]hehehe[/EVIL]

    Dont know where they would pigeonhole his painting.

    As for the membership paying for his, you would shudder to know what all we pay for behind the scenes.

  3. The portraits are there, look harder. I would think they are 3/4 length, only $45,000. Is Jr. a convicted *fellon*[sic]? Or a known lying cheat? You are retired now and and receiving your full pension, aren't you? Why so bitter?

    I have no love lost for Jr., and told him so much to his face, but to call him a 'fellon' and a lying cheat may be stretching it a bit.
  4. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Not bitter. Just a realist who understands the game.

    Maybe convicted was the wrong word?

    But then again, there is plenty of time........

  5. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    "..and told him so much to his face.."

    OK, Susie, I'll bite. Can you please tell us about your encounter with Jr???
  6. speeddemon

    speeddemon Guest

    she would love to, but right now she has a meeting with Jesus.