Teamsters:Disarray On The Eve Of The Election

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 18wheelbrownie, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Jeff B.

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    This is an UNBIASED article written by someone who doesn't have anything riding on either side????? LOL! Show me an article written by someone who has no interest in it whatsoever and I'll feel like I didn't just waste 7 minutes of my surfing time on this crap!!!!

    Oh, by the way I am a TEAMSTER, but I am smart enough to make my OWN decisions, on what to believe. It's a shame some of you guys don;t realize CRAP when it is thrown on you.

    16 year Teamster and counting.
  2. any122

    any122 adirondack man

    you say you make your own decisions thats why hoffa is sending everybodys pensions,and health &welfare into the CRAPPER!And everyone will be retiring to a wheelchair instead of a lazy boy.I say APWA you got my vote!
  3. Schnellfahrer

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    I agree with you 100%, I see this as one of Leedham's flunkies trying to make a good name for him. My own Local is right next to Leedham's and we see how he screws over his own members on an almost daily basis.
  4. Jeff B.

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    Let me make myself clear on this. I think you guys misunderstood me. I AM NOT a HOFFA supporter, I never have been from day 1. He leads the TEAMSTERS in a way that is exactly what i am against. The TEAMSTERS should be it's MEMBERS and they should be able to make their OWN decisions about issues. We shouldn't be told who we need to vote for POLITICALLY, or we shouldn't be told who we need to support on any issue. How much of this kind of CRAP are we sent in the mail on a weekly or monthly basis. What a WASTE of the UNIONS (our ) money.

    There are many things in that "ARTICLE" that is mentioned that are just totally misleading and FALSE for that matter. About the company and Teamsters for that matter.

    Folks it boils sown to this: The UNION is supposed to US, now it has gotten to where the UNION is that group of peeople that somehow get elected and are raping us over the coals, and we are setting back and just letting it happen. Yes, I am one of those who became mad as #@LL when I lost most of my pension, I would be over half way there now. I went from being able to retire at 52 to now 62. Can you blame me.

    All I am saying guys, is be smarter and open your eyes. Make smart decisions for yourself. If you support Hoffa ; GREAT-- at least know why you support him. Not just because someone else tells you you need to. OR WHOEMEVER YOU support.
  5. you must not be a pkg car dr. , because with 16 yrs. , you have along way to 62 to retire. also, as our benefits decline, you will would be unable to pay your medial bills as your body wears down. you see there is no 25 or 30 and out, no more, for central states members. the pension is being cut down where you will have nothing , we don't even have a cola, ups is paying out 25,038,000.00 per week to teamster pension plans and this year will be
    1,301,976,000.00 for 117,000 fulltime employees!!!!!!!!!!central states has rules we can not work certain types of jobs or they will take away our pension!!!!!
    i don't care who's the president of the ibt , i worked for this company and i have been paying dues for over 20yrs. it's my money and i earned it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. southerngrits

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    hey dm, some guys no matter what you say, swear by the IBT, they have been brainwashed into thinging like thugs... Central states is doing NOTHING good for the teamsters, why can't people see this?????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. he has not hit the 20 yr mark where you wonder what it would be like, to just get up every morning , have a cup of coffee and not go to work and have benefits and pension secure. but when the day comes and your body can't do it more , he will wonder why he was kept in the dark by the ibt !!!!!! then it will be too late to make changes. good luck working till 62 ......
  8. Jeff B.

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    Yes, I am a package driver. I have 3 years part time and 13 almost 14 years fulltime. I was 19 when I started as a part timer. Do the math. I would have had 30 years (fulltime) + 3 years part time at the age of 52. Now can you see why I am pissed.

    "some guys no matter what you say, swear by the IBT, they have been brainwashed into thinging like thugs. "

    NO!!!! I am not one of those guys. I am for a UNION that represents it's members. Right now I am on the fence and looking at the APWA. Mainly because these guys seem to be preaching exactly what I believe. AND if they can make me able to retire at 50 -55 and BACK IT UP then I will be all for it. There are several guys at my center that have allready joined. I plan to attend a scheduled meeting for our area in a couple of weeks. That is if it doesn't get dissrupted by those BRAINWASHED UNION THUGS that southerngrits mentions.

    Again, I will not be told the way I need to go by ANYONE. I am smart enough to make that decision on my own. Which is the main reason I started this thread. Make your own decisions. don;t be told by ANYONE what is best for you. AND don't believe EVERYTHING you read.

    For the meantime, I AM STILL a TEAMSTER.
  9. mittam

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    great jeff b you seem to have passion and conviction about what you believe, seems to me you would like a union of the people watched over by the people as it should be,private message me about where you are from let me know when the meeting from the APWA is hopefully if I am close enough I can attend also , I have been to a couple meetings and believe what these guys have to say, I have no hope of retiring with the current union since I started driving at 40 after 6 years of part-time , if I work to 62 22 years driving I will only get $1600 a month minus $1000 a month for ins
  10. ezmoney5150

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    You know, I didn't vote for Hoffa last time around but jeese. When was Hoffa a Trustee? And in your grand conspiracy of black helicopters UPS management and Yellow Freight management are in on it right??? They are trustees also aren't they??? I even gave you the names of the trustee's when you responded to my post on the APWA. Did you see Hoffa's name on there as a trustee?
    Can you please explain what the ERISA Act is? Read it you might learn something.
  11. ezmoney5150

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    When was the last time you went to a montly meeting in your local???? If I was a betting man it was not recently. The IBT is only as good as its members. My local has approximately 5000 members and were lucky if we get 100 members a month to show up. The ones who don't take part are the first to bitch though.
  12. any122

    any122 adirondack man

    Well you know i hope your as smart this time as you where last and you don't vote for HOFFA again.But Im sure he will be laughing all the way to the bank whether he wins or not.Of course you won't care anyway due to you have invested all that big feeder pay in your private secret stocks probably fed ex.But don't worry when you need the APWA as long as you still work for UPS they will be her for you BROTHER.:w00t:
  13. Jeff B.

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    As a matter of fact at our center we have a monthly meeting where we go over grievences and anything other that concerns the "UNION" business. You are right. Out of about 100 members at our center we do good to get a turnout of about 10-15. Myself and just a couple of others including our stewards are the only "regulars" who attend. As far as I know we are the only ones who do this on a regular basis. You would be surprised at how many of these guys that attend and are active IBT members have also joined the APWA.

    In case you misread one of my first posts- I am NOT a Hoffa supporter. I didn't vote for him the first time and If i am still a Teamster when he runs agian I will not vote for him the next time. The man has NO qualifications except his NAME. One of his first acts when he became elected was to give HIMSELF and his "cabinet" raises. That is on record.

    By the way, I haven't been active on this FORUM for very long, but just long enough to read a lot of the posts. I can see there are a lot of those UNION THUG members that frequent this site.

    I have sent in my membership for the APWA. If they can accomplish just half of the things they are trying, it will be money well spent.
  14. mittam

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    with support like yours the APWA will suceed
    thanks for joining I personally am in Ohio and we have great APWA support in most of the state, my building is about 85% in favor. send me a private message if you like and let me know where you are from, there are several of us on chat in the evening we would welcome you to join us
  15. 3brownstars

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    We are very glad to have you as a member, welcome!
  16. thanks for joining us , i knew you wouldn't want to work till 65 years old