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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Shifting Contents, May 18, 2010.

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    This group has really peeked my intrest. I am looking for more information. I heard some where that they are "aligned" with the national democratic party. Anyone know any truth to that? I have looked up some things from them, checked up on them and even printed stuff for my local brothers to read. Just want to know what it's really about before I dive in too far.

    Some of the info they have just to give Teamsters a better idea on how to file grievences and fight discipline is wonderful. I have never recieved good pointers from my stewards. I even took it apon myself to print form "letters of protest" for preloaders facing discipline for misloads last summer. Reforming some of the things I see just at my local level and help getting my co workers active in the union would be great. I actually had someone say "why should we care if they don't follow part of the contract that doesnt affect us?" I was doumb founded and told him "because it's our contract." But I digress. Thanks
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    As things are going right now, I've found Teamsters for a Democratic Union a real good resource just like you said. I don't know if they are affiliated with any political party or something, though. I think they charge $25 a year to join them. But, their information is really good and worthy.

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    I also find them better then the ibt.. They are a watch dog so that the ibt doesn't screw us. The TDU is also know as the black shep
  4. Good job.
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    TDU forever
  7. Not much else going on.
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    I would rather shove a knitting needle through my eye. Typically the malcontents around here. The ones that can't follow ANY rules including the contract.
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    Go take a Pelosi and wipe your TDU.
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    They hv definitely put out useful information over the years ahead of the IBT. Sort of a check & balance association?
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    Any information that TDU puts out.... comes from the IBT.
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    why doesn't the IBT put this information out?
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    What specifically ?
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    Not sure about that. By the looks of it it’s info the IBT would not want put out. Good or bad news is still information. Perhaps that proves your point?
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    I was a member for a short time years ago. Typically, the dissention in the local drove some of us to look elsewhere for info in 2013 because of the Teamcare issue and other things we didnt like. I actually found their website one day and looked at the stewards support info and thought "Hmmm, I wonder why we dont have these materials?".

    I was treated with respect when I called and asked questions, met new people (who I still like to this day) but found that when I quit paying my membership annual fee a few years ago the guy on the phone (not KP) was kinda short and rude to me.

    Maybe I wasnt as appreciated as I thought ... lol. Oh well, I've got better resources throughout my state now and I dont react to issues at face value because I've learned that like anything else in life there's at least two sides to the story and the truth will come out in the end.
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