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Any thoughts about a employee was at work for 30 plus years amazing record and no issues. He was at work and tried to get a supervisors attention to hand her a packed as her back is toward her he has the package streatched out she back into it where it hit her in the butt. There was a new kid she was training he said you where just harassed and she said oh yeah I was. Next thing you know she filled a complaint and he was interviewed told them what happened and then he was fired. Grievence was wrote up and local and Panel with the Union all in deadlock. Now going to Arbitration not really hearing anything from the Union at all any suggestions on what to expect or thoughts on anything?
Name’s probably Nemo


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We had one of those perverts in our center too. They eventually gave him his job back but he had to switch to a different building. He was lucky it was during covid times and not now.


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Threw all his :censored2: out in the yard
That would make for entertaining television. New show... "Honey I've Got Something To Tell You"!

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Once as a p/t , I needed a night off but they rejected my request.
So I wore my " will work for sex " t-shirt.
A female sup had a problem with it, even after I said that I would wear in inside out.
She insisted that I leave the building.
Which is what I did.
Some people are just so predictable.