Teamsters Local 89 president says UPS strike is possible in Louisville

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    Teamsters Local 89 president says UPS strike is possible in Louisville - Business First

    Even though unionized United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) workers approved a national master contract in a vote last week, Teamsters Local 89 president Fred Z said he believes a strike could still be on the horizon for Louisville-area UPS workers.

    That’s because two contract supplements, which apply only to workers locally, were roundly rejected by Local 89 members. The vote counts can be found on the Teamsters Local 89 Web site.

    Zuckerman said in an interview today that the supplements were rejected because of a number of concerns, including matters related to seniority, health care and split shifts.
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    Thank you for the article Cheryl.

    I commend Mr. Zuckerman for his stance on this matter and not caving to Union politics. The seriousness of this issue has been compounded by both the IBT and UPS themselves. The "healthcare game/ruse" that was presented to us was likely discussed in 2012 and possibly earlier. The whole UPS initial bargaining of $30/$60/$90 (per week) followed by the hall/Hoffa "creative solutions" was a TV skit made for "Reality TV". Really? How ignorant does our IBT think we are? Yes, there are those "cheerleaders" that simply want to believe that this was truly a "creative solution" by our Union leaders however, the more intelligent self thinkers certainly know better.

    The belief by our IBT leaders that "Central States TeamCare" would be appealing to those of us that have enjoyed full UPS healthcare benefits was a SERIOUS mistake. Regardless of the fact that Central States Pension and the Central States H & W fund are different entities, the name "Central States" alone is analogous to mismanagement, mistrust, and misguided.

    Although fairness and equality have certainly disappeared from most all aspects of this proposed contract, nothing is more unfair in my mind than having new members of the TeamCare program have better (enhanced C6) benefits than existing participants. Can our Union leaders possibly do anything more to divide this once great Union called the International BROTHERHOOD of Teamsters? UPS is dividing us more and more and our leaders are accomplices to this task.

    Thank you Mr. Zuckerman for attempting to keep our Union strong.
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    They are not alone the other 17 are shutting it down again titill the IBT starts acting like they represent the members and the future members.<br />
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    This is what I'm upset about. The whole time I'm receiving fliers stating "we accept this new contract, vote yes." What? I didn't agree on anything. They basically crammed this on us without any options.

    I don't pay dues for the sake of paying dues. I pay to be represented and right now I feel like we are not being represented.
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    This is why I voted no, alone. They siphoned our money to other funds (or whatever) to other Teanster pension funds that had nothing to do with UPS.

    Why would I want them "taking care" of my healthcare?
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    To be fair, I believe there was a legal requirement that they do so.
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    Agreed, agreed, agreed!!!! Tired of Hoffa and hall selling us out. I can't believe Hoffa got in office again. He's been in UPS's pocket from the first day he ran for President. Big, big talk from these two and then like you all said so well....they throw out this crap to us and think we are sooooo stupid we will be swayed by their sales tactics. Are Hoffa and hall being moved into the Central States Teamcare plan for their insurance coverage? I highly doubt it!! So I want their insurance if anything is going to change. Keep fighting. Proud to be a Union member right now and it's not because of our leadership. I wish all of our BAs and Stewards would stand up to these two deuches and tell it like it is. This contract proposal sucks and we got them right where we want them. Thank YOU Local 89 and all the other Union officials that stood up to Hoffa!!! I wish I had that kind of representation.