Teenager Held In Burglaries At UPS

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    Teenager Held In Burglaries At UPS - Pine Bluff Commercial

    An 18-year-old Pine Bluff man who has been held at the county detention center on felony allegations since Dec. 23 was identified Wednesday as one of four people who broke into the United Parcel Service terminal three times, including once in 2008.

    Ramsey said X-Box 360s, a Playstation, and cellular telephones were among the items reported missing from the terminal.
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    Cut his hands off...he'll never steal anything ever again...I can't stand a friggin' thief!!
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    In some countries thats the punishment. I think they got it right. Do the crime, get what you deserve.
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    kind of refreshing to hear it wasn't an inside job for a change
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    Not exactly a Judeo/Christian concept of justice, although I certainly understand your frustration.