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    LANSING ILL| Police commended an observant United Parcel Service driver and two methodical patrol officers last week for busting the infamous Grinches who allegedly stole Christmas gifts.

    Martin Wisniewski, a long-time UPS driver in Lansing, received the Citizens Award and officers Kevin LaPointe and Todd Yonker received Special Arrest Awards, Lansing Police Cmdr. Jerry Zeldenrust said.

    The three received the awards before the Lansing Village Board for their roles in the arrest of Marcus McCoy, 31, and Tanya White, 37, who gained national attention for allegedly following UPS drivers and stealing Christmas gifts and other packages in Illinois and Indiana.

    Lansing police present the Citizens Award to citizens who go "above and beyond the call of duty to help police," Zeldenrust said.

    "We want to encourage that type of behavior and recognize a job well done," he said.

    Wisniewski led police to the couple by providing officers with the license plate of the van they were driving on Dec. 20, Zeldenrust said.

    "It was just a real heads-up play to just pull over and let the van just drive by without tipping them off that he was going to call police on them," he said. "It really helped us find the van because they had no idea they had been identified."

    The Special Arrest Award is presented for special achievement in arrests, Zeldenrust said.

    "The officers affected an arrest that was not only important for the UPS Co. and its customers, but also for the recovery of property of all the citizens involved," he said. "It cleared up many crimes in other jurisdictions."

    LaPointe and Yonker made sure additional charges against the couple stuck by carefully following procedures for Cook County and Lake County in Indiana, Zeldenrust said.

    The arrests of McCoy and White, both of Harvey, led police to more than $20,000 in stolen packages in Harvey and East Chicago, police said.

    "The officers did an excellent job of maintaining the chain of custody," Zeldenrust said. "They made sure they met all of the criteria and rules of evidence to make a strong felony case and to get search warrants issued and served."
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  2. raceanoncr

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    Contrats to Wisniewski.

    Will he hang that on the wall next to his termination letter for stealing time from the company for pulling over and calling the police?
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    And now the bad guys know who turned them in. I can assure you that with a theft charge of 20k, they are already back out on the street. I'm all for turning in crooks and helping the police but do not advertise who you are. A newspaper article about your good deed is nice, but peace of mind out on area is nicer. JMO
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    I agree, I could turn people in all the time, but I sure as heck wouldn't want them to know exactly how they got caught. To me he has a gold star, on his wall, and a target on his head.
  5. Channahon

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    C'mon you guys, the driver did the right thing. I live in the area, this story was breaking news. For an area like Chicago, that was a big deal, as there is enough murders, gang bangers, etc to minimize this story. These were two crack heads who had to support their habit, they were not part of a crime theft ring. They had no heart and didn't care if they ruined anyone's Christmas holiday. I don't think the driver is a traget for anything. He just did what he knew was the right thing to do. Not to mention, these two were stealing from UPS and our customers.
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    We had the same thing happen here about three years ago. The LP guys caught the woman that was doing it. She had a garage full of unopened boxes.

    The only thing I hated was they didn't inform the driver that they were following him. He is a 25 year workhorse. He's a good 15 years older than me and can flat outwork me any day of the week.
  7. outta hours

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    I'm not saying he should not have turned them in. It was his civic duty to do so. All I am saying is you can turn them in and refuse the fanfare that goes with it. You do it because it's the right thing to do, not because you will be applauded for it. JMO
  8. Channahon

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    I agree anonymity is a good thing and I don't think there would not be a UPS driver that would do the same. I would think the driver had the opprotuntity to remain anonymous, as UPS would have approached him along with local PD. I would guess it was his decision to go public with this recognition. Both UPS and PD's appreciate people who come forward with information. You know, Crime Stoppers and Neighborhood Watch communties.
  9. scratch

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    He should have got the Tag number and turned it over to Loss Prevention. LP would have went to the local law enforcement folks and the driver's name should have been kept private. These people were thieves, glad they were caught, too bad they are probably out on the street right now stealing from someone else. I wouldn't think twice about turning a thief in.
  10. canon

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    I can see it now, rolled up and stuffed in the handle of his diad. At least that's how my "thanks" was conveyed to me after I stopped to help someone in a car accident. The thanks and family request to speak to me was printed and waiting for me the next day when I punched in. I'm not much for fanfare, so I guess I shouldn't complain about mgmt not saying anything. I even coded the time out on break, you'd think they would thank me for that. :lol:

    I agree he did good. In the military, he would have received a 3 day pass... good only in conjunction with a weekend of course. I wonder if UPS gave him a day off or brought in some donuts or something? Not that they should... for those of you seeking an argument. Simple curiosity.
  11. tieguy

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    Unfortunately there is some truth to that as you know from delivering high crime areas. We've seen drivers retaliated against because the local hoods thought they ratted. I'd feel better about this if the driver recieved some quiet recognition.

    At the same time we each have a civic responsibility to stop criminal activity wherever we see it.
  12. toonertoo

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    Crackheads would shoot their own Mother on Christmas eve, and steal her presents, and not even flinch, as their "heart" has become only a beating mechanism.

    Yes, it is our civic duty, to do quietly. So our lives and our childrens may be safer.

    Sometimes people just have to be protected from themselves.

  13. hondo

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    I, too, am in this area, and the first thing I thought was how much time LP had probably wasted trying to set up a sting on driver. Apparently this had been going on for weeks, I'm sure many complaints of missing pkg. had been filed. Maybe I'm just too cynical.:sad: