Telematics and law suits

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  1. Jim Kemp

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    I have been hearing a lot about "Telematics" lately. I see where this could be a huge liability for UPS. If a driver is involved in an accident it would seem that a good attorney could have a good time with the info that telematics could provide to support his case.

    I suppose it could also also be used by UPS to prove their case.
  2. slantnosechevy

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    Very interesting...would love to hear from some attorneys on this subject.
  3. paidslave

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    Even if the driver used all the methods, it is a given this information will be lost because the driver is always at fault! And days where the driver was at fault, info would be published!

    Pretty simple! I am happy driving an old brown tank without it wired!

    Good luck rookies....
  4. Jim Kemp

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    If the driver was at fault and UPS "lost" the info for that day wouldn't that be a crime?
  5. MechanicForBrown

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    I'm sorry, but who gives a flying hoot about telematics in an accident, as long as your wearing your seat belt and your not cited at the scene for being at fault, who cares about TELEMATICS!! Are they gonna fire you for the bulkhead door being open? Come on. Remember that most of the info is just a count and they can't pinpoint an exact time you didn't do something.:surprised:
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    If your bulkhead door is open, your obviously not on telematics. Bulkhead, recording while traveling, backing and seatbelts are all huge issues here.
    The concept of Telematics is nothing new at UPS anyways. The Ivis in the feeder trucks has basically the same info that telematics has.
  7. MechanicForBrown

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    the IVIS in the tractor, records Idle time, How fast you were going, how many miles traveled and things like that, it doesn't tell if your seat belt was on or off, or how many times you went in reverse and I don't believe it has GPS currently. So the 2 systems are very different no?:peaceful:
  8. paidslave

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    No just lost but hopefully it can be proven a crime!
  9. slantnosechevy

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    I was told by Supe. that Telematics does everything IVIS does in addition to the bulk head, seat belt, parking brake, reverse, and being off area. They also have live satellite visual capabilities for both. I've already seen that in action.
  10. MechanicForBrown

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    I didn't know that the IVIS had satellite! Learn something new every day
  11. bluehdmc

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    I don't believe IVIS has satellite (no antenna) or visual capabilites(unless it's the camera in bulldogs butt). Location is entered by driver, (SLIC #) which is use in place of DOT log. What it does not do is record when crossing state lines, which is done on paper logs, otherwise it does a simple time line, driving time, speeds, turn-around time, lunch, etc.
    I was told by a supe a couple of years ago that IVIS was gonna be replaced by Qualcomm which is used in the sleepers. That gives location, has two way communication, and satellite tracking.
    Probably hasn't been implemented yet due to costs, it's also a little more complicated to use than the IVIS, which some people seem to have all kinds of problems with.

    To the original posters comments that telematics could be used in an accident case. I read years ago where an automobile's computer could be used in an auto accident as far as speed, braking etc. From recent news reports, cell phone records have been used for recent accidents.

    See it's not "big brother" watching us, it's all those computers that make are life more convienent that can be used against us.
  12. Big Babooba

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    We were told that telematics has the ability to show how hard a vehicle's brakes are applied. We were also told that this feature hasn't been activated yet. I know of a few accidents where the courts have issued subpoenas for the information in an automobile's computer. I imagine tat the same would be true for a UPS truck.
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    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Telematics info can be used to cover UPS in case of a fatal accident, if it can prove a driver was following all the correct methods. If an attorney wants to use this info against UPS, this company will not release any information voluntarily unless perhaps a court order.
  20. hangin455

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    Maybe the whole idea is to insure everyone's doing the right thing before any accidents occur?