Telematics, what if?

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  1. Telematics has not been fully implemented at my facility yet. I have read some very good threads here, about what to expect. Particularly, the post by sober on "telematics.. the reality" Thanks for those insightful posts.
    I have to ask those of you who are experiencing this first hand for more details, just for the "fun" of it.

    It seems a lot of this technology is based on the wheels moving. I'm guessing the DIAD doesn't know it has pulled pulled from the holder, unless a button is keyed to power up??

    What if you are stopped at a traffic light? Are you good to handle the DIAD then?

    Does the DIAD provide a GPS fix all the time? Only when powered up? At the stop complete?

    I'm sure there are some other "what if's"?
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    Here's what we were told about the DIAD and Telematics:

    -If you stop complete either a delivery or pickup while the motor is on or the wheels are turning, it will generate a report. I tested this by shutting off the engine and stop completing while coasting, and got a talking-to the next day. BTW this also applies to a stop that has been completed already - if you go in and edit or just look at it then stop complete you will register;
    -As far as I know nothing happens if you use the DIAD while the vehicle is running, as long as you don't stop complete something. Scrolling through EDD does not register with Telematics that I know of. I'm not sure whether this would apply if you receive or respond to an ODS message while the motor's running, never got around to testing this;
    -I'm pretty sure the DIAD is GPS-visible at all times;
    -If they tell you don't use the DIAD while the vehicle is running, don't do it. This applies to traffic lights as well. Believe me when I tell you they are serious about compliance. Also it's a bad habit, you should be concentrating on driving.

    I just transferred to a center without Telematics. Word is that we won't be getting it until 2011! Back to my old nefarious ways and bad habits!