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    i ve been with the company long enough to know how it runs and treats people . from drivers to managers . i am a driver and i would like to know where line will be drawn? i feel telematics is good thing when seeing if the driver is wearing a seatbelt, bulkhead door is open and trying to make routes more efficient. i believe it will be a tool use to harass drivers about how long a stop took or how long it took to get to the next stop. management assumes we are the only ones on the roads. i know people are going to say if you do the right you have nothing to worry about. it doesnt matter if you do the right thing, you still get harast. my question is what is being done to protect our rights? from union to laywers envolved. i will give an example . if we are entitled to only one mile for lunch from last delivery stop. (from what i m told 1/2 mile one way and back equals our mile.) so what ups is saying i cant go 1 mile to to sit in either a warm or aircondition enviroment. i m not allowed to run the truck for heat in the winter and there is no AC in the truck. i think that is safety issue. if this the case i should be able to go back to ups and use my personal vehicle and go to lunch so i can have a normal lunch hour. so with that said what are the rules when it comes to lunch? do you drive the mile on there time or do you punch out from the last delivery. if you punch out from the last delivery and get into an accident while driving do you get in trouble for using the truck as a personal vehicle?
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    No telematics here, and from what I hear, we're not getting telematics.
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    Not here either. Probably not going to happen anytime soon, either. I have seen a tele report though. Interesting.
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    You're getting it. Everyone's getting it. It's kinda funny to listen to the hype, then watch it fizzle. Good idea, but bad hardware/components and overstated benefits. I heard that 30% of the vehicles with it have at least one sensor or feature not working properly already.
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    We have it where I'm at and it is a hot topic for about three or four months. Then everything goes woosh under the rug and it's a new flavor of he month. If your a dirty driver then you need to learn better methods and you will be ok. Even the dirty guys can learn new tricks so it's not too late for them.
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    Telematics is BIG Brother on steroids. They get a report for everything: 5 or more miles between stops, amount of time spent idling per car and per center, they can pull and see if car came to complete stop at specific intersection, as well as seat belt usage, bulkhead door usage, parking brake usage. I've been told some centers have sensors on hand grabs to be sure driver using 3 points (no verification). Also another center gets a daily report the following morning telling driver at what stops and minutes and seconds he/she spend move than allowed time.

    When introduced by Division Manager was said to be able to know "when vehicle has problem before you(driver) do." Also haven't seen this.

    As things happen we get more information as to what it can do. Remember...........they are always watching what you do.
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    Our mechanic stated that all package cars starting with the 2005 models are all wired and setup to go on telematics with basically a push of a button.
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    Sort of. they all have the base wiring in them but still need the brain attached to it and some of the sensors installed, but for the most part everything is already run throughout the truck.

    We have it here in HARPA and for the most part as long as you aren't abusing it then there are no problems. Yes, I have been questioned about taking a few minutes extra at a stop, but for the most part as long as you have a good alibi, no worries. It does not have a "live" function but the capadility is certainly there. They can tell where you have been and where you are going. Even though it was backhanded when the OP said, "i know people are going to say if you do the right you have nothing to worry about", that is the fact as with any other concern at UPS.

    As far as sensors on the handrail, don't get your hopes up. I was however harrassed about my eating habits by the heatlh and wellness committee cause the fart sensor installed in the seat was reading really high for methane. And I replied, "that's :censored2:"
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    Never heard of it.
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    We have it here, although we are the only center in the state to have it right now. I don't mind it. If you are working by the methods and not wasting time you will be fine. We have virtual ojs's every week on somebody. They tell you to reduce your backs and question you on every stop that took too long. Why you did this, why you did that. Somebody said it shows hand brake usage. Our hand brakes aren't hooked up on telematics.

    OP was talking about lunch breaks. Here we are told that you can't drive anywhere for lunch. You must take lunch in trace and your lunch begins at the time you leave your last delivery stop. Although that's not pushed so much now that we have new bosses. I was accused of stealing time during peak for takin my lunch at a hamburger place by the building. Told me I should of punched out when I left my last stop. Although it was in my trace back to the building.
  12. Telematics is the biggest waste of money in the history of UPS. All it does is justify middle managements existence. Center managers and below have been reduced to pawns in a chess match between the union and atlanta. They are instructed to do everything, they make no business decisions and are at the mercy of the voice on the other end of the conference call. Must be tough looking at yourself in the mirror every morning knowing that you knowingly and willingly treat people like garbage because you are instructed to do so to keep getting a paycheck. Where I'm from that's called selling your soul -- I bet your mothers are really proud.
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  14. Listen, I know I'm good looking but stalking is illegal.
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    I believe it has already been settled that your lunch does not start until you are relieved of your duties in control of the vehicle. DOT law, someone correct me if this is wrong . You are simply believing what management told you, which is fine but not always the truth.
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    Sounds like the PAS system.
    Not very effective if not properly maintained.
    You'd a thought they would have learned their lesson.
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    Come on Bubblehead,

    You've been around long enough to know as well as I do that UPS doesn't know how to learn from their mistakes.:happy-very:
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    The truth is an elusive thing. It is here it is there.
    Use common sense and if you think what management is telling you is not the truth, file a grievance.
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    Generally, I agree with you. However it's already been shown on this forum, as you know, what the laws say on the matter.

    Common sense says management is simply lying in an attempt to save minutes and miles to please Atlanta and the shareholders. And please, don't give me the line that management does not know better. :sick:
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    Laws are not truths ... think about it.

    Additionally, laws regarding contracts define the penalties of breaking the terms and conditions of the contract. The terms and conditions within the contract are not laws.

    Been through this before to and people try and simplify/twist contractual language as if it were a law. With that said, UPS management should abide by the T&Cs in the contract ... based on UPS lawyers' interpretation of those T&Cs.