Tens of Millions of Dollars Paid To UPS Delivery Drivers


Thank You UPS for correcting your mistake. I gladly accept your compensation and hold no hard feelings.There is a certain GUY I'm gonna buy a brand new TIE for he knows who he is. This GUY's current selection of TIE's have BROWN stains all over them. Funny I would think that corporate bathrooms should be stocked with adequate tiolet paper but being so full of smile* is a problem. I would hope his FAT yearly bonus check won't be affected by this payout. He deserves a new TIE after all the hard work he does posting his Bull on company time. Good luck to all who WORK hard everyday to the betterment of this company.


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Why doesn't UPS do it's lunches the same accross the country? Last year I got a nice little lunch settlement. They changed the software in the board so that you had to take it by the end of your 5th hour, and the board goes down during that time. In my new center I can a take lunch anytime. But an hour comes out automaticlly. Sounds like another lawsuit to me!!!