Termination for 5 minutes unpaid time


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For PAID breaks you code O87 PaidBrk in Other work. I don't know what "Break" in "Timeouts" is used for. I once accidentally tried coding my break using that method and the DIAD6 gave me an error saying I was out of breaks for the day. Maybe certain supplements use that Timeout version.

I've never had problems putting my breaks in under time outs. That's similar to how breaks were entered in the DIAD 5. Entering a break under "other work" sounds like the definition of falsifying records. Breaks are the opposite of work.


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If you are told to hydrate during the day how can you get in trouble for buying something to hydrate. They tell you to do all this BS in messages all day about for your health.


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90%+ of all drinks are water. If it doesn't take any extra time to add a snickers then no time is stolen.

There's no such thing as a "gas fill up break". If you are fueling a package car you are performing work. If the pump is still running when you get back with bags full of Little Debbie snacks, no time was stolen.

The idea of "time theft" is horse :censored2: anyway. It's a made up term to make slacking sound like a serious offense. The real time theft is when the company lies and says you should be able to do 12 hours of work in 6 hours, and then proceeds to harass and stalk you, trying to squeeze an extra few seconds of productivity out of you.
Who the hell leaves the pump when its running?


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Who doesn't?
I dont…..Seen two incidents(one at the center). Was informed at PCM many years ago when gas cards were first used at our center not to leave the pump while it was running.


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Risk assessment. The chance maybe low but the outcome could be catastrophic. Do not leave a gas pump unattended.
My personal car can barely hold the pump lol 1 in a million more like 1 in 2 it would be spilling fuel all over the place by the time I come back with a cup of coffee and the odds of someone smoking nearby is just as high.


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Getting the drink on the way out is the main issue here, just so you know specifically what they took issue with.

But yeah..."theft"...lol That is rich coming from the same people who don't give a rat's ass if your preloader is dumber than cat turd. Or who expect you to be okay with coming back to load up half a bulk stop into your car halfway through the day because it wouldn't all fit in the morning. Or have you doing circles around town because the manifest order is all screwed up. It's the drink at the gas station that put you over. Lmfao
Need to stay hydrated


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I never leave a pump when using, thats just crazy. And I was always accused of over documenting, but you do what you have to to survive.