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    First off, I very much appreciate all the advice and raw opinions that float around this forum. I have been lurking around here reading for about 5 weeks now.

    I have been entertaining the idea of beginning a career with UPS for a while now since my previous vocation was deemed unsuitable for a family. I was working in Central America for a little under 3 years. After having a son, the atmosphere needed to change for the security of my family. Changing career paths now is VERY shocking, but manageable.

    I started 3 weeks ago as a Driver Helper and am COMPLETELY enjoying it. I am fully aware that it is premature to say so - but, this is simply the case. I am actually doing something more than just being a Driver Helper. I am meeting a truck in a neighborhood that relinquishes all of his freight and a DIAD. I use a golf cart along with a 10 foot trailer to deliver around this large gated community. The community is based on a private country club-like golf course - hence the golf cart friendly atmosphere. I am told that the heaviest it will get on me will be about 100 stops. So far my heaviest day has been 70 stops. But, as soon as I get done, I jump in my car and meet another driver and assist him with all of his stops. Bottom line, every day has been extremely enjoyable and it seems that this is a match for my personality and character. I have always been a fast paced worker and appreciate an atmosphere that encourages a constant sense of urgency.

    At this point I have read 16 pages IN to the 'UPS Discussions'. All the info in these threads have helped me pose applicable questions to my supervisors and the drivers that I am working with.

    After a conversation with my hiring supervisor today, the question came back to me on which shift I was interested in working on after the first of the year.

    The AM/PreLoad Shift: 3:30am - 8:30am


    The PM/Unload Shift: 5:30pm - 9:30pm

    One question that I have not located a definitive answer on: Is there a 'shift differential' pay for the AM shift?

    Meaning, if the PM shift is $8.50 an hour - does the AM shift get $9.50 simply based on shift differential? (quite possibly dependent on the HUB)

    The driver I worked with today was under the impression that the aforementioned was correct. That you DID get paid an extra dollar an hour.

    I spoke with another supervisor 45 minutes ago and he wasn't quite sure. I am asking you guys because I am being pressed for an answer tomorrow on the matter and want to have time to weigh all the facts.

    I understand that the AM shift does allot you more hours. And, I am very excited to be a preloader so I can have a difficult position that requires me to consistently adapt and most importantly - make life easier for my driver. Today the driver that dropped off my load had a seasonal preloader load his truck and it was simply chaos. It's not even peak yet.

    Any advice or questions that I should ask my supervisors would be greatly appreciated.

    If you are a cynic - please, refrain from negative responses. I am a very positive person and appreciate constructive posts. I am aware that you guys are the seasoned pros and this is why I have enjoyed reading so much.

    Thanks again!
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    Glad you moved to the other forum!