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    (I just noticed that there are very few people responding to and viewing the "Introductions, Welcomes, Newbie Questions" section of the site. For the sake of actually reaching an audience, I felt it might be necessary to re-post here. Mods: please feel free to trash this thread if I have caused an infraction)

    First off, I very much appreciate all the advice and raw opinions that float around this forum. I have been lurking around here reading for about 5 weeks now.

    I have been entertaining the idea of beginning a career with UPS for a while now since my previous vocation was deemed unsuitable for a family. I was working in Central America for a little under 3 years. After having a son, the atmosphere needed to change for the security of my family. Changing career paths now is VERY shocking, but manageable.

    I started 3 weeks ago as a Driver Helper and am COMPLETELY enjoying it. I am fully aware that it is premature to say so - but, this is simply the case. I am actually doing something more than just being a Driver Helper. I am meeting a truck in a neighborhood that relinquishes all of his freight and a DIAD. I use a golf cart along with a 10 foot trailer to deliver around this large gated community. The community is based on a private country club-like golf course - hence the golf cart friendly atmosphere. I am told that the heaviest it will get on me will be about 100 stops. So far my heaviest day has been 70 stops. But, as soon as I get done, I jump in my car and meet another driver and assist him with all of his stops. Bottom line, every day has been extremely enjoyable and it seems that this is a match for my personality and character. I have always been a fast paced worker and appreciate an atmosphere that encourages a constant sense of urgency.

    At this point I have read 16 pages IN to the 'UPS Discussions'. All the info in these threads have helped me pose applicable questions to my supervisors and the drivers that I am working with.

    After a conversation with my hiring supervisor today, the question came back to me on which shift I was interested in working on after the first of the year.

    The AM/PreLoad Shift: 3:30am - 8:30am


    The PM/Unload Shift: 5:30pm - 9:30pm

    One question that I have not located a definitive answer on: Is there a 'shift differential' pay for the AM shift?

    Meaning, if the PM shift is $8.50 an hour - does the AM shift get $9.50 simply based on shift differential? (quite possibly dependent on the HUB)

    The driver I worked with today was under the impression that the aforementioned was correct. That you DID get paid an extra dollar an hour.

    I spoke with another supervisor 45 minutes ago and he wasn't quite sure. I am asking you guys because I am being pressed for an answer tomorrow on the matter and want to have time to weigh all the facts.

    I understand that the AM shift does allot you more hours. And, I am very excited to be a preloader so I can have a difficult position that requires me to consistently adapt and most importantly - make life easier for my driver. Today the driver that dropped off my load had a seasonal preloader load his truck and it was simply chaos. It's not even peak yet.

    Any advice or questions that I should ask my supervisors would be greatly appreciated.

    If you are a cynic - please, refrain from negative responses. I am a very positive person and appreciate constructive posts. I am aware that you guys are the seasoned pros and this is why I have enjoyed reading so much.

    Thanks again!
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    Welcome to the bc MataLeão....your enthusiasm is refreshing,and I'm sure you will get some helpful advice here,(And some not so helpful)
    I can't answer most of your questions,but I do know that contracts vary from place to place,and your best bet is to ask at your particular hub.
    A newbie in a golf cart doing 70 stops is impressive,I hope your management team appreciates your hard work.
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    Am shift at least where I am gets 1.00 more, as you actually have to read addresses while loading cars, or at least PAL numbers, whereas PM just unloads trailers and I think if you work in small sort you get 1 dollar more, in the pm. Go for the day shift. It offers more opportunity, with more people around to notice your diligence. Just MHO
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    Preload used to start at 9.50 an hour at our building, twighlight and midnight at 8.50 b/c they were considered unskilled labor. I'm not sure if this has changed. Affter 30 days on midnight (10 years ago) we could take a sort test and bump up to 9.50. This may have changed too.

    Someone else a little fresher than me know?

    The job is a blast. I enjoyed being a helper too. It's how I decided I wanted to drive. Like all other professions, it has it's downsides. The upside is heavier. =)

    I admire your outlook and determination! It will serve you well. All my best to you!
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    Thanks so much guys for the timely and complementary responses.

    DS, Thank you for the "welcome". It is taking me about 4 hours to complete 70 stops in a golf cart that achieves a blasting 15 mph. Put a loaded down 10 foot trailer on the back of that puppy and the engine is lugging a bit. The EDD on my DIAD is quite wrong and I am having to plan ahead 10 stops to make sure I don't backtrack any. Since I am graced with a slow conveyance, efficient planning is paramount. When the drivers I ride with have to backtrack, they make up their time with speed. I don't have that luxury or the nimbleness due to pulling a trailer. All the management has been full of praises. I have been told that this particular hub has a management staff that is very well liked by everyone involved.

    toonertoo, this is what I was hoping for. The AM shift will really change my schedule around. I was trying to find all the pros I could for making that sacrifice. As far as the AM shift goes, when you start cover-driving (in the future years) I could foresee having a rather strenuous schedule fluctuating back and forth from your AM shift to cover-driving here and there. Whereas the PM shift would already be mirroring normal daytime business a certain extent. Thanks for your input.

    hubrat, thank you for the kind words. You are most certainly correct. You can hang on the negatives of any vocation. People tend to do that more-so with jobs that require any physical output. I guess it's a strong reflection of the ever popular sedentary lives being lead today. Burning calories = evil.
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    Good luck, and the best answer I can give you is that under the National Master under Article 22 Section 5 it covers part time wages and lists "Preloader/Sorter" as starting at $9.50.