Thanksgivings week closed for vacation

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  1. Chop

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    Since 1980 my building has posted vacation in all months except weeks ending in December. This we are blocked in the last week in November. What gives...Looked in the master agreement but on reference...Can anyone help. must be in suppliment.
  2. BigBrownSanta

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    Article 61, section G, line 6.
    Southern Region Supplemental Agreement pg. 208.

    Basically, no vacations from the Monday following Thanksgiving until December 25th.

    It may be different in other supplements.
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    They have to offer vacation for all weeks from Jan thru Thanksgiving! File a grievance! They tried it in my center and after I raised cane they changed it to 6 drivers off!
  4. RockyRogue

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    When I worked for UPS the first time, I was scheduled to take my vacation the week of Thanksgiving. I was going to go NUTS sitting at home, so I worked. For several years prior to that when I was with a retail employer, I took my vacation the week of Thanksgiving. One year, my boss made a sarcastic comment about not letting me take my vacation. Yours truly almost went ballistic. Ten minutes later, she called my cashier terminal and said, "You're good to go. I was having a little fun. Have a great vacation!" -Rocky
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    It was offered to us when we picked our vacations earlier this year. I thought about taking but figured i was already gonna have 2 days off so wasn't going to bother. I have the week of Halloween off instead. Unfortunately trickor-treat is the week before so I will have to take some personal time so I can be home to take my little girl out for her first candy collection.
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    Just take vaction the first week of January to relax after peak...:cool:
  7. thats usually what I do haha :wink:
  8. LKLND3380

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    Yeah... Leave Friday December 28, 2007 - come back Monday January 7, 2008 and collect holiday pay as well...