The ACLU sued my DA & Sheriff.........

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Baba gounj, Feb 10, 2009.

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    This is when the folks being sued need to turn it around and counter-sue the ACLU for bringing a frivilous law suit. I hate that group, the ACLU.:knockedout:
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    The core problem of illegals breaking the law is a valid problem and like you, when done, I want them weeded out and kicked out. On that effort, I would applaud the local law enforcement for being aggressive but in their zeal they may have opened the door for the ACLU to squeeze in on.

    If even one of those people are completely innocent and had nothing whatsoever to do with any of this other than maybe unknowingly picking the wrong tax preparer, then the sheriff and the DA do have a problem. And this could in fact be the case.

    The Weld DA and Sheriff alledge 1,338 defendant but they sifted through 4,900 peoples tax returns. Even more complexing this is the fact that Social Security numbers, ITIN numbers and tax returns are the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Gov't via the IRS. Even in the article linked it stated the following:

    Look, I know this stinks and I've got my own opinions as to what to do to these people (illegals committing fraud and crimes) but in this day and age you can't say or print those things so there you go! :wink2: I'm just scared if you guys keep going, you'll let the gov't then dicatate what I think too!

    That said, Weld County may have in fact overreached in their zeal (maybe honest zeal) but over reaching zeal none the less. This is what opened the door for the ACLU and of course, in they came. People love to berate the ACLU as some sport and my wife works in law so I berate all lawyers and most often right to their faces. I'm not real popular at office parties. But that said just consider this for a moment.

    There's the rub and just how far are we willing to let this go, even in a case like this? We've come to accept that the State at it's own decision and discretion can come and go and do anything it literally wants to do at any time. Talk with people who lived in early Hitler's Germany and a compelling case was made about certain elements in their society and thus early gov't efforts of localizing and seperating certain persons from larger society made complete and perfect sense to them. It was all so logical to justify in their minds but then again, gov't had control of the bully pulpit. But looking back today, those same people openly admit that what ultimately happened was not what they ever had in mind or imagined would happen.

    There's an old saying of 2 wrongs don't make a right. I applaud the efforts of this local law enforcement to get these guys but they in fact may have overstepped on this one I'm sad to say. They should have used other investigative means, although admittingly slower and requiring more detailed work but now the money they will expend to defend their shortcutting might have gone a lot farther being used to pay investigators to look into this matter. Also where are the local citizens who either hire these illegals or know people who do and aren't coming forward in some manner to help local law enforcement expunge these elements from their area? Maybe had local citizens done this, giving law enforcement leads that allow them grounds of probable cause to stand on, Weld County might not be having this problem to begin with. Instead of blaming the ACLU for everything, why not turn that finger of blame back on yourselves! If you don't want a nation of gov't drones but a nation of citizens who believe in individual responsibilty, then take responsibility with other ctizens and start fighting back!

    You want a starter? Identify all businesses that hire illegals and make it public and then suggest people refuse to do business with them until they correct the problem and can prove their employees are in full compliance of the law. No force, no coercion, just make the facts known to the larger public and then let them make a choice. You might even start with this tax preparer service for example which anybody with a brain should already be gone. :happy-very:

    Buy the T-Shirt but how does that solve the root problem?
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    thanks for posting the F A C T S of the case, chicken little was merely running around saying the sky was falling on this issue.

    There are larger implications surrounding this case.

    Thanks for pointing them out.:teethy:
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    Your welcome TOS!
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    Change we can believe in.