The Best E-Commerce Stock Is Not Amazon

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    The Best E-Commerce Stock Is Not Amazon - Forbes

    When most people think of e-commerce, the first name that leaps to mind is (AMZN). There’s good reason for that: according to Macquarie Research, the retail giant accounted for more than half of all e-commerce growth last year.

    Put another way, of every extra dollar Americans spent online in 2015, $0.51 went to Amazon. But be that as it may, Amazon, with its razor-thin profit margins, lack of a dividend and nosebleed P/E ratio of 426, is far from my favorite way to play this trend.

    Instead, I prefer a “pick-and-shovel” company that’s about as old school as they come: the 109-year-old United Parcel Service (UPS).
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    It's where the hot money is right now. Don't want to be holding Amazon stock, when the big guys jump off the band wagon.
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    What becomes of that razor thin profit margin when it tries to build a delivery infrastructure?

    The only thing to be in Amazon's way may prove to be Amazon itself.
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    And if we raise their rates, it hurts those thin margins more.