The enemy is "us".

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by ups1990, Aug 21, 2009.

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    When will we as people of color, stop blaming society as a whole for problems plagueing our communities. I'am talking about both Black and Latino groups which I'am both of.

    It pains me to write this critical piece, no one likes to put blame on themselves but the reality is we're constantly looking for a scapegoat for our many ills and fail to see the enemy is us. It's us, that has a high incarceration and teen pregnancy rate, compared to other groups. Our young males are only to eager to join up with gangs and thus the cycle continues.

    Those of us who speak out on the matter are deemed "sellouts". The community will most definately protest police shooting a black or latino, but do and say nothing as we kill each other. We do not like to hear this because it gives ammo to those that we feel are against us.

    Is racism still alive here in America? Yes, but it's time for us to look in the mirror and see the true enemy.
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    Bill Cosby has made those points too. You are in good company with your beliefs.
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    Yea what they said.
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    Condoleezza Rice

    Words can not express how much respect I have for this woman.

    I am often asked to name a few female role models.

    Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher and Margaret Wheatley

    All these women are my role models.

    My list is often answered with a stare. It seems that people wait for me to say, "Oprah."

    As a woman, it pains me to say that Condi is viewed as a woman that grew up with privilege and wealth. Is she a "sell-out"?

    I agree with ups1990.

    The enemy is us. I am a Caucasian Woman. I am not here to argue politics. I am here to point out that many people are guilty of what ups1990 posted.

    And Condi is privileged.
    She grew up with a strong family and strong values during a violent time.
    And Condi is wealthy.
    I would enjoy inviting her for Sunday Brunch and NFL football. Her experience and knowledge would take my mental bank account over the FDIC limit for deposit protection.

    Take a moment and learn about this incredible woman.

    Why isn't this woman of color a role model for all women?