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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wkmac, Sep 4, 2002.

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    I've been involved in a discussion on another board concerning RF technology within our industry and thought I'd throw out some comments here since this site has more traffic and someone may have more insight. The article at the link below is somewhat dated and since this article Motorola has pulled back in this area, mainly because of economic conditions, but what might the future hold for this technolgy in UPS? Since I first saw this article when it was released in 2000' I've been captured by the possibility of this Technology within UPS Sort operations as it pertains to actual packages. Any thoughts? Especially interested in the Bluetooth Technology.

    Also saw this article yesterday and although on a different level it does show the direction of the industry with wireless. Smaller and smaller appears to be beter and better.
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    Eskew has specifically mentioned the technology listed in your first link involving smart chips built into printed ink barcode. Its a direction he sees ups going once the cost drops.
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    If I remember right, UPS even invested in a company that is involved with RF chip embedded ink. For some reason it seems like I read something in the form of a company press release on this but I just can't remember for sure.

    Damn Old Age!
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    I believe the company is SAVI Technologies, been around for a on this. Always impressed me with vision and technology.

    Go UPS!
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    Wireless labels for automated sorting is the next logical step. I'm aware of some things UPS is doing with automation that would suggest a potential timeline for this. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what is public knowledge anymore. It all blurs together at this point so I'm choosing to clam up about that. I can say the UPS is using Bluetooth for uploading scans from wearable scanners inside.

    My observation is this: Many of the folks in operations could most likely attest to the increased usage of "smart labels" by UPS customers. Customers use some sort of UPS software or UPS compatible software to generate these labels. The labels are a big part of the ability to automate sortation.

    The biggest impediment I see to introducing wireless label technology is that customers will have to buy into it. For that to happen, the cost will have to be negligible to the customer in terms of supplies. What's it cost me for label stock or ink? Currently, label stock/paper, ink, etc. costs are borne by the customer. Of course, UPS may choose to susidize the cost or buy these supplies if the operational savings justify it. Eventually, it will be justifiable. When that happens, UPS will be one of the first to take advantage. Why? UPS has the cash to make it happen quickly. In the name of long term operational savings, capital will be spent.