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  1. Hello,

    I have been googling around about the hiring process for about an hour. I am posting here because I have found conflicting stories about the hiring process on several sites. Also, it seems that the hiring process can vary depending on what state you live in.

    I live in Ohio. I applied online. I am 27. I have a bachelor's degree. I live in an economically depressed area (aka, Ohio), and I decided to apply to UPS because it is my understanding that if you do good work, you have the opportunity to advance to full time, driver, etc.

    I have a few questions about the hiring process. First, let me describe what I have experienced so far (it isn't a lot).

    1) Applied online two or three days ago.
    2) Got a call today asking me to show up for a tour and the person on the phone told me what to wear.

    So, now for the questions:

    1) Does the tour count as the first interview?
    2) It is my understanding that after this "first interview," you will have to go through a second, and then a third?
    3) Many stories about the interview process involve long waiting periods (2 weeks - 2 months+). Since I am starting this process as the holiday season approaches, can I expect a faster time track?

    Any replies would be welcome. I suspect this might be repetitive for those of you that answer newbie questions, but as I said before, I have heard 99 answers to these basic questions. If you could provide advice based on actual experience it would be most appreciated, especially advice recent hires!

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    1. The tour can be an interview. Make sure you dress nice (slacks, button up shirt tucked in, and LEATHER shoes). Be prepared. Mostly they will be looking for someone who has strong work ethics, is timely, and wants to work their ass off. I would say something about liking the idea of getting a workout while you're at work.

    2. The interview process will depend a lot on the area and what the HR person feels like doing. When I got hired about 6 months ago I went in for a preliminary interview, then went in for a tour, and then had an interview with the head HR person followed by the center manager. A few people hired after me got hired with just a phone interview. If the center is desperate for workers you can get hired very easily, if they are not expect to jump through some hoops.

    3. Not sure about this one because I haven't been through a peak yet. However I would imagine it would be a little faster.

    Good luck!
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    Union work isn't merit based. You have to put in your time and accumulate seniority. It's a waiting game for driving.
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    If you get hired after November 1st, you will get laid off after Christmas because you are only hired for peak. If you work hard you may get called back after peak to be permanent (you are not in the union yet). I applied in September 2006, and I had an tour, then an interview, and another interview. I got hired after November 4th, and I worked hard and got called back in January. However this last peak almost no one was called back. It's different in each building
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    Hey Dontpointthatthingatme,

    Welcome to the BrownCafe we really hope you find it inviting and informative here!:wink2:
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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe lmeiler9831.

    You are right ... since the economic bust of 2008, nothing can be taken for granted that it will repeat the same patterns it did in the past. Interesting times.

    Look forward to your future posts.
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    1) After my tour I was interviewed. I wore ripped up shorts, a college t-shirt and some hiking boots. I looked like I was ready to jump on the preload that day and start unloading trailers.

    2) 1 intervew is all it took for me to be hired. However, the HR person knew I wanted the job bad. She knew I was under no dillusion as to how much the job sucked because I had several friends who worked there. And I got her phone number and left voice mails constantly saying that I was ready to show up and work.

    3) I was hired 2 months after my interview. They interviewed me before the end of the school year. They knew that a lot of students would quit in may/june/july and I was called when they needed me.
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    You cannot be serious. I showed up to my interview dressed like a preloader.
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    Not necessarily. When I was PT they never hired temporary PTers. But our turnover was such that they were always in hiring mode - even in january after volume dropped significantly.
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    Our building hasn't been in hiring mode since last peak! I have only seen a handful of new faces. It's different in every building. If you are hired after November 1st I thought that you do not accrue senority? Isn't that in the contract? (which would make you temporary?)