The HIVE is buzzing with activity - UPS


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The HIVE is buzzing with activity - UPS

About HIVE: Introduced last fall, HIVE is a virtual platform that showcases UPS’s role as a leader in global logistics innovation at Expo 2020. Visitors move around the 3-D environment and interact with a variety of UPS-related exhibits.

What’s new: UPS has added new information and features to this unique experience.
  • At the entrance to each virtual exhibit, 3-D holograms of UPS leaders deliver brief introductions about their respective subject areas.
  • Located at the center of the pavilion, the Idea Exchange provides a collaborative space for the sharing of experience and knowledge from the world of innovation and logistics. Visitors will learn from foremost experts on emerging technologies, pioneering processes, the future of supply chains and more.
  • An area outside the virtual pavilion highlights technological advances in mobility such as rolling laboratories, solar-powered charging stations and electric aircraft.
Why it matters: HIVE embodies productivity, sustainability, a culture of sharing and communal prosperity. It represents the great things that can be achieved when UPSers, along with their customers and communities, work together.

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