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    As the controversy over the RLA Exemption heats-up, it's maddening to see the number of FedEx employees who still "believe" in FedEx. Whether it's PSP, the Purple Promise, GFT, they still buy whatever garbage management is spewing at the moment. Unbelievable...but true.

    Given the overwhelming evidence that FedEx has done everything possible to gut our wages and benefits, how is it even possible that people remain so gullible and stupid?

    What don't you get about Fred Smith doing everything in his power to keep you down? He wants to keep you non-union precisely so he can continue on the present course, which is to squeeze you for higher production and compensate you with the same meager wage and benefit package. As it stands, we have allowed him near absolute control, and it seems some of you sheep out there actually LIKE it?

    Consider our pilots. After Fred started to jack them around they formed an in-house union to protect their interests. When that union failed to prevent Smith from playing games, they took the step of joining ALPA and look what happened. They enjoy the highest wage scale in the industry, have an excellent retirement program, and even got bonuses to sign their contract.

    Did FedEx fail to deliver any packages as a result? NO. Did Fedex lose business to the competition? NO. Did the pilots secure a bright future for themselves by sending Smith a message that they weren't willing to be screwed-with? YES. And how did Fred pay for all of this? By short-changing the remainder of his employees and boosting the compensation of the upper management personnel who pulled it off.

    Anyone who has worked for FedEx long enough realizes that whenever they give you something (e.g. a paltry raise) it is taken away via increased co-pays, reduced hours, or extended top-out times etc.
    When are you Kool-Aid drinkers ever going to figure this out? How do you think you will retire with the PPP? Do you like your crappy benefits? Do you like mandatory split-shifts, calling-in for your start times (illegal), and generally being treated like a used diaper?

    WAKE UP!! None of this happy crap is going to stop until we collectively grow a set and put the tyrant Smith in his place (a retirement home for the rich). Refuse to drink the Kool-Aid and actually use your brain for a change.
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    There are obviously those employed at fedex who think they got a good deal,those who don't but are unwilling to try and change it and those who want to change things but do not have the support of their coworkers to effect change. In my workgroup(mechanics) most people i've talked to fit into the 1st and 3rd groups and I don't think many minds are being changed as times passes.
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    Maybe you can fill me in. I've heard that the mechanics are being aggressively pursued, up to the point where union reps have gone to people's homes. Is this true? I know that there is a very vocal group of senior A/C mechanics who want to go union and that they showed-up at the annual shareholders meeting and were snubbed by Smith.

    I'm afraid most employees fall into Group 3 because the company has been so successful with their scare tactics over the years. Officially, FedEx isn't anti-union (ha ha), but most folks know that they will be immediately targeted if they show any interest in unionizing. You can bet that those mechanics who quizzed Smith have a special file and are on a watch list.

    Sometimes I think a lot of people are holding back until we get a green light.
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    You're truly are something else. You've just insulted the majority of the workforce for FedEx - nice one!:peaceful:
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    Home visits from fedex and ups employees did happen.

    My impression is that some senior mechanics who haved locked in 40%+ on the defined pension and now earn additional benefits under the portable pension are not unionization supporters (some of these older guys do bleed purple) although there are certainly a vocal group of seniors who do support. I would expect the company officers to do what they think is in the best interest of the company and the shareholders to include preventing further unionization of the workforce. Obviously a majority of the mechanic workgroup is not convinced that a union is right at this time (AMFA,Teamsters,etc.) but as the workforce changes and if the benefit package continues to change attitudes about unionization may also change.
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    I totally agree with most of what you said. Don't forget that employees at FedEx aren't allowed to openly speak out without severe consequences. I like to believe that the people who kiss but in these meetings don't reflect the majority of workers at Express. There will always be butt kissers, but it would be a lot different if employees could speak without retaliation from management. FedEx will certainly see this if the FAA bill passes with the express protection language in it. They know this and that is why they are fighting it so hard. If that happens then it will certainly open the door for a lot of what you are saying. This "brownbailout" campaign reads like something a villianous corporation would try to pull in a movie. They are spending millions of dollars on it instead of giving their employees a raise and addressing the other issues that would make employees want to unionize, it's ridiculous!!!!!!
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    How would you know? You don't even work there. If I only insulted you, this post would be successful.
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    And that's the way it should be - everyone working for the company should believe in it!
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    I don't think so, but you did insult every intelligent working human in my husband's dept. Like I said GOOD-ONE!
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    Yes they are - they need the money!
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    Another brilliant post.