The Lets Get Rid Of Our Cops Movement


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Fark around and find out.

These sovereign citizen fools deserve what they get
He was only following the advice his mother told him to do.
In April 2022, Diane Allan sued the police over a traffic stop, claiming they did not have any right to conduct that stop as she believed Farmington’s rules did not apply to her as "one of the sovereign people of Utah."


Strength through joy
Locally, the next town over is actively recruiting entry level officers.
The nearest big city's officers usually work a double shift daily.
And many are looking for easier assignments.
Some have already joined my local ( hardly anything happens ) police dept. for just that reason.


Strength through joy
The closings, which will be effective Oct. 21, include three stores in Portland, Oregon, two in Seattle, one in East Harlem, New York and three in San Francisco.
Before making the decision, Target said it had invested heavily in strategies to prevent and stop theft such as adding more security team workers, using third-party guard services and installing theft deterrent tools like locking up merchandise. It also has trained store leaders and security team members to protect themselves and de-escalate potential safety issues. But it noted that despite those efforts, it continued to face “fundamental challenges” to operate the stores safely — and the business performance at these locations was unsustainable.


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Wow. Free IPhone's! It's like a game show called "Steal My Stuff"!

Like they know any better but all the devices are tracked. They get "bricked" with a message telling them they're being tracked.