The mail could be taking even longer to be delivered than the Postal Service is saying

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    It's "snail" mail. They make no guarantees on timely delivery for general post. They do and always have offered premium services for an additional fee as do all delivery companies. And they have a very good track record with there premium services. You get exactly what you pay for. In a world where everyone needs to have everything RIGHT NOW, expect to pay for RIGHT NOW.
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    The Post Office closed a processing center in our town. Mail is now sent to Albany for processing, which adds at least 2 days to the delivery time for mail within the same zip code.
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    I had some mail that tracking said the PO said they delivered it 2 days in a row.
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    Yep. Same thing here. I could mail something 3 houses down and instead of getting it the next day it'll take 2-3 days now.
  6. Deal with it.. your paying probably 50 percent less or more then any other service..