The May OPH Re Set

dirty moose

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Quick question, my original seniority date is 2/23, my driver seniority is in august. I noticed the 1st year i went driving that my days didn't re set in May.
I think that some of them added up along the way and the the rest i received one year after making book.

My center manager told me that; for the 1st year of driving my seniority date would be the date i made book. And after one year of diving it would revert back to the original date of 2/23. So now my question is, will my OPH and sick days get re set this may? or am i stuck at this new seniority date in August. Im quite confused.

Thanks for the help.
I don't know the answer to your question because of the difference in region contracts. However I'm willing to bet your union BA can tell you the answer.

Some CMs have been known to lie (no really that's a fact) just to keep you from finding out they owe you more than you know.