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I finally managed to get back on here.When I sent my email for a new password,I got back 7 from the 7 times I`ve registered.Went with my original name.If you read this wily,I`m not trying to be chameleon man.Oh and if anyone has any tips on how to get around on here it would be appreciated.


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Hey ds, just put on the Beach Boys, "I Get Around" and start pushing buttons and explore.

LaLa....we're gettin' bugged drivin' up and down the same old strip.......


I reset it to the latest post on mines the only one ...
Remember the "holland " album? I think I was the only one that liked it.
water...water...get yerself in the cool clear water...have you ever been south to Monterray...
Ok more I`ll mess with it,maybe cheryl will come and chat later.


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Other than having to reset my password and the spell checker not working :pI haven't had any problems getting on and love the modern capabilities of the new board.

I did notice the traffic was way down so people were obviously being stymied.


I started this.
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There has been a fair amount of turmoil over the move. We used that other board for 1 month short of 5 years so most users were very familiar with it.

The traffic has dropped off, but this board also uses a more accurate method of tracking useage. The previous number of users listed online included the entire site; no matter if they were reading the news or playing video poker. The new board's online number only lists people actively on the board. I'm pretty confident that, once we get over the trauma of moving, most people will find this board far more useful than our old one. There are also some additional features that will be integrated with the board (including spell check :p) that will make it an even better resource.


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OT:Beach Boys Music

Gotta be Pet Sounds. Ground breaking music that was a trend setter for years to come. My kids in Music Theory class has studied this awesome piece along with Sergent Pepper's...... Great works of art in the rock music world.