The Parcel Service that’s Cutting Costs by Going Green: UPS

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    The Parcel Service that’s Cutting Costs by Going Green: UPS - Industry Leader Magazine

    With fuel prices shooting through the roof, there’s been increasing interest expressed by global logistics leaders in developing technology that is likely to help cut costs as well as decrease impact on the environment.

    United Parcel Service (UPS), the world’s largest logistics corporation is doing exactly this, by starting to test implementation of a technology, called telematics, which promises to slash energy consumption, improve efficiency, better customer service, and make drivers safer on the roads.
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    Our dispatch supervisor is horriable, He is sending drivers from end to end, 6 routes over, trust me we are not saving gas or time, loops are your bad he forgot what's what and who is who. Maybe it's better somewhere else but trust me not here.
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    starting to test telematics?!? We've been in full on deployment mode for over a year now.
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    you mean full harassment....
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    You mean to say they are buttaruttal.