Statement: Shareholders push UPS* to reduce carbon pollution


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Statement: Shareholders push UPS* to reduce carbon pollution - Environment America

Twenty-eight percent of the United Parcel Service’s (UPS) voting shareholders voted “yes” on a proposal urging the Atlanta-based package delivery company to reduce its significant carbon footprint. The vote count, announced after the company’s May 5th annual meeting, comes just weeks after Environment America sent nearly 9,000 petitions urging UPS to electrify its delivery trucks to reduce global warming pollution.

“The convenience of a fast delivery shouldn’t have such an outsized impact on our planet,” said Morgan Folger, Destination: Zero Carbon campaign director for Environment America. “UPS could change that by ditching fossil fuels and committing to an all zero-emission fleet of big brown trucks. UPS could be a shipping industry leader not only in volume, but also in sustainability, if it sets targets to cut emissions across the corporation’s operations.”

Giant global companies such as UPS need to take action quickly for the world to avoid the worsening impacts of climate change. From hurricanes to wildfires and drought, the devastating impacts of global warming are repeatedly hitting home or close to it. The largest contributor to the climate crisis in the United States is transportation and UPS, with its 127,000 delivery vehicles, can have a big impact on the problem by zeroing out emissions from its ground fleet. To date, UPS has only committed to ordering 10,000 electric vehicles and doesn’t have a public plan to fully transition to electric vehicles.


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28%? Lol. That's about right. Seems to match with the percentage of people who don't understand how the world works and are ok with their investments losing money.

How do these people think the electricity is being produced? Lol.