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    HR said not to quit my jobs because I’d be hired as a seasonal driver and when peak season ends, I’d be let go and have to reapply for the chance to become a package handler. Two questions.. 1) I’m not in the best shape now, but I have a great work ethic and look forward to losing weight, as I’m already working out 6 days a week. Should I go for it? 2) How long would it take before spots open up for me to become a PH after peak? I really want to make a career out of this but I’m not sure if I should sacrifice my FT job for a chance to maybe be brought on and then have to wait a while. Any advice?
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    Every center is different but there is a high chance ill say 9.5/10 that you will be let go and if lucky enough called back on march to try the 30 days.
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    So what would you recommend I do because USPS is also interested but their benefits aren’t as good compared to the ones UPS offers. Should I go for it? I worked at FedEx as a driver so I know what to expect but with FDX I was hired on the spot and drove for a few years, now I’m looking for benefits and job security
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    forgot to include.
    like i said every center is different i been 4 peaks with UPS and last one was the first one i saw they hired 5 guys who started in OCT.
    I dont know if it was a 1 time incident .
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    Ill say best time to start at ups is from Jan- Jul. If you cant risk to be out of job after xmas ill say stay where you are and try in another time at UPS

    i was in a similar situation i had an offer from USPS and from UPS almost at the same time. but i started with UPS in july and was lucky enough to made 29 days before oct 1st. also i was a runner so that helped alot with my manager decision.

    At the end of the day is up to the manager you work for if he decide to keep you or not.
  6. Can you go from shifter feeder to traditional feeder as in hub to hub??? Once you build up seniority???

    Will I hace to bid??

    Is it helpful for me so I can get my foot in the door for feeder department?? Will it maje it easier for me to get to actual feeder hub to hub???
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    Thank you so much!
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    If you work as fast as you post, you will enjoy the relaxed environment at UPS. Welcome aboard!
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    It shouldn't be too hard to get a package handler job after peak. If they don't bring you in right after then try again in a few months.
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    If you would like a package handler job do not apply for a peak driver job. You will have to go through the rehire and training for the new job. Apply for a PH job now in the center you want to work in. Apply online and check for available positions. There is no longer peak hire and rehire after peak. Also there may be more positions on night or preload shifts. Night sort is 10 pm til 3 am and many people do not want these hours. There could be more pay and also tuition benefits for night sort jobs. Good luck.
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