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    Earlier in the week our area was being audited for the BS safety regulations for load stands and the scanner belts. In all the time I have been there I have never wore this ridiculous belt, nor was I ever told to do so. The auditor informed my sup and he came in a made me put it on and I complied, and was told my name is now on some kind of list.

    Last night the auditor came around again and I was not wearing the belt and neither was the person loading besides me. Auditor came up to the trailer and gave me :censored2:, said I was going to be disciplined, and the sup told my they can fire me for not wearing it. They didn't even pay attention to the person next to me and said nothing to him. I am way past my 30 days, I asked 2 other sups from different areas. One said they cannot do a thing if I choose not to wear a belt the other didn't really know and said that is a union thing. Also asked a long time employee and said they can't do anything.

    My question is, can they enforce this rule of wearing a scanner belt, and can I get disciplined and/or fired for not wearing it.
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    tell them you are concerned for your safety because the scanner on the belt slaps your peepee too hard.
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    Actually tried that, they didn't seem to give a :censored2:.
  4. eats packages

    eats packages I have depth perception issues

    Good, That is what you put on your greviance in addition to Art. 34 oversupervision.
  5. I dont wear the belts, usually the older loaders swipe em before everyone else comes in. I dont care for them.
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    He/She was only off by 3. :biggrin:

    The correct Article # is 37.

    But, that can make a difference when you file a grievance.

    Although.... a BA has a right to verbally amend the grievance at a Local level hearing. ;)

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    Thanks for telling me about 37. I am definitely filing a grievance, but come tonight, if they come at me about disciplinary action and/or forcing me to use the belt again. What should I do in that moment?
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    Always put “ATA”, all that apply, on the article violation line, along with the article you think the violation took place under.
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    Work now.... grieve later. (standard)

    Don't give the company a chance, to discharge you for failure to follow instructions.
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    Your main issue is that they singled you out and ignored the issue with the person next to you. They can still try make you wear the belt as long as they are making everyone else do it too.
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    wear it like a bandana
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    Tell them it cuts into your groin and causes pain. :censored2: them! No on on our reload wears them, they set them on the edge of the belt next to them and finger scan away!!
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    Don't say "belt". Some of these guys will go on yet another bender.