The Semantics and Deception of Contract Language vs. IBT Highlights..

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    Anyone that has ever filed a grievance and attempted to use the contract language to defend that grievance will appreciate the importance of fine details in our contract. For regard to the topic of SurePost..........Look at the two statements regarding the weight limit of SurePost packages. (actual language examples below)

    1) In our IBT Highlight Flyer....the packages ARE LIMITED to 10 pounds in weight....

    2) In the actual contract language....the SurePost weight limit magically turns into NORMALLY 10 pounds......

    which opens the door for just about any weight....


    Example 1A. SurePost Highlight from IBT Flyer

    Surepost packages are limited to 10 pounds in weight and less than 3 cubic feet in size.
    Surepost is limited as an offering for busi- ness to residential only. It cannot be used for business-to-business shipments.

    Example 1B. SurePost Tentative Agreement Language
    Section 4 – Surepost
    1) In order to retain existing commercial customers that are solicited by a competitor offering services similar to those described herein, or to attract new commercial customers, the Company may offer service contracts that include the delivery of packages by the USPS. Packages eligible for such delivery will normally be less than ten (10) pounds in weight and less than three (3) cubic feet in size,

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  2. SouthernComfort

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    I read them carefully as well, but one has me stumped. Article 37(page 30) in regards to 9.5
    Employees within the full-time driver classification shall be eligible for the protection of this Section provided: (1) the employee covers a route for a full week; (2) the employee bids or is assigned to cover a route for a full week but is prevented from completing that bid or assignment due to reassignment by the Employer; or (3) an employee with four (4) years of seniority as a full-time package driver.

    Ive been cover driving for 8 years part time, Im not full time yet, what does this mean? Looks like even full time drivers with less than 4 years do not have 9.5 rights?
  3. superballs63

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    You could ask your steward what it means for you, he may have a better/more definite answer for you
  4. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    why 10 lbs....90% of the packages I see that are surepost are 1-5 lbs and much smaller than 3 feet cubed..
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    Way to see want you want to see. Within so many days after ratification, the company will implement technology to insure that every sure post pkg that is over 3 cubic feet or over 10 pounds will be delivered as a ground pkg by UPS.
  7. Inthegame

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    You haven't read as carefully as you should. You're missing the meaning of the word "or" as opposed to "and".
  8. Delivered

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    Our what?? We file a grievance, just like we did when UPS started to use the USPS as subcontractors which violated the previous contract and the Union did nothing
  9. SouthernComfort

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    OR 4 years of seniority as a FULL-TIME package driver. I am not a full time package driver, I am a part time employee that drives package 10 months a year. I might drive 4 straight months, then be pushed back into the hub(part time) for a week or 2 when there are no vacations and/or volume is unusually low.
    I do not have 1 day of full time package seniority, however, I have been driving since 2005 AND have gotten 156 reports(or more) a year.
  10. Inthegame

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    Have you heard of SmartPost? Would you prefer UPS refuse to match the FedEx offering and lose thousands of packages daily, packages that move throughout the UPS system from p/u to delivery?(to the PO) and how would that improve your position?
  11. HubBub

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    What does "normally" even mean here? Does it mean that 51% of surepost packages will be 10 lbs and 3 cubic ft or less, but the other 49% can be anything bigger or heavier? Who let that word through and why? Cmon man.
  12. Delivered

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    UPS used SurePost to try and win the Postal Contract that we lost to Fedex again... How many routes has your center lost because of SurePost?? I take half a route (60-70 stops) to a city PO on my route everyday. We've got a few rural routes that take an entire route to the post office. It's lose-lose for us drivers either way
  13. brownmonster

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    SmartPost is FedEx.
  14. Inthegame

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    So if all Surepost you're delivering to the PO are gone tomorrow to FedEx, how does that improve your life? UPS doesn't like SurePost anymore than you but without those boxes, a whole lot less people have jobs at UPS.
  15. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    with a weight limit of 10 lbs or under and 3 feet cubed we might get a few hundred packages back into the system....a year. I have maybe seen an over 10 lb surepost package 1 time since the service started....this wording wont be a drop in the bucket...although I should be more optimistic, it might make 1/2 of a route overall across the whole of the U.S.
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    It could mean that if Amazon comes back and says it has to be 12 pounds or the volume goes to FedEx, then 12 pounds it is.
  17. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    I understand what you're saying but maybe we should just subcontract everything out to the post office and get rid of EVERYBODY except for the few top managers...there has to be a line drawn somewhere....and Im sure some beancounter DOES like this service!
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    Says who? Don't tell me that Stink has taugh you to make s#!+ up too.
  19. SouthernComfort

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    Why do we give the volume to usps? We made over 4 billion in net profits last year...USPS, lost over 15 billion. Whos methods/employees seem to be more productive? Ours.... or theirs?
  20. LagunaBrown

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    This is interesting