The Silent Downfall of United Parcel Service (1907-20??)

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  1. Amazon is a platform for businesses of all sizes to sell their products and gain exposure (think eBay). Amazon isn't a direct rival of Companies A, B, or C but instead a helpful partner. Example: Walmart has a store set up on Amazon.

    And sure, Amazon now has it's own brand and products that create more competition in the marketplace, but many of the products sold on are listed by individuals and small businesses as an exercise in retail arbitrage.

    At the end of the day, if ANY company in the US can reduce its shipping cost they're going to. And Amazon is positioned to be a more valuable partner to many of these companies than UPS is anymore.

    Sorry UPS, you're running a high risk of pricing yourself out of an industry that no longer needs to rely on a unionized work force in order to synchronize the world of commerce.

    The writing's on the wall.
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  3. Amazon does have some cool uniforms and those vans have AC.......
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  4. burrheadd

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    You wanna take a pay cut?
  5. Of course not. But that's not the point. The point is, our customers don't care what we make. They want cheap shipping rates. The end.
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  6. You are being part of the problem then, not the solution

    And those big customers get a pretty hefty discount.
  7. Sadly there is no solution. We're in the same predicament as Bob's construction Co. who has been installing kitchen cabinets for 25 years. Then one day Bob started losing contracts to Steve's construction Co. who decided to use an illegal immigrant workforce to do the same job, undercutting Bob's business.
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    all the attractive house wives have admitted to me they pay for UPS shipping just to see me ...just saying
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  9. You don't realize all if the services that UPS offers besides small package. Logistics

    Many if these shippers have space in our air hubs and they can send packages out as late as midnight and you can still have it tomorrow morning.

    Look at international. That's another leg
    We got freight, they can give shippers a bigger discount if they use a combination of our services

    Seriously dude. Relax
  10. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    I disagree with all of your assertions
  11. It's the 5-30 box customers, that ship based off of the cheapest shipping rate, that we seem to be losing.
    We used to pick it all up but now it's all going with a competitor.
    The problem is we're replacing those margins with the Amazon margins. Recipe for disaster
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    Jesus dude, put the pipe down....You're just TOO high now
  13. He must be burning one with @burrheadd and @jumpman23
  14. You're right of course. But international doesn't provide me with job security here in America. And none of what we offer is anything that Amazon won't be able to offer as they become established. We just CANNOT compete with shippers who pay 1/2 what we do for labor cost. Labor cost is THE BIGGEST expense.
  15. What? We pick up and deliver international every day.
    And yes the competitors pay much less but they also do much less work than we do.
  16. I hope I'm wrong. But the writing is on the proverbial wall.
  17. Tightupser

    Tightupser Member

    But we make record profits every quarter? I think a company that has been around for a 112 years knows what they are doing even tho we dont see it with staffing.
  18. Tightupser

    Tightupser Member

    I see your point but I think brown will compensate to stay competitive, plus amazon isn't gonna deliver for their rivals which is every store out there. They'd be shooting themselves in the foot.
  19. Sure, but do you pickup and deliver international for 8 hours a day? I assume not. I spoke to an Amazon driver who had a 10hr dispatch with 110+ deliveries.. They are gearing up to put in the work needed to build their network. And more power to them if they can find thousands of people who are happy to do the job for $17/hr instead of $40.
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  20. Those also need the infrastructure and a lot bigger vehicles

    Let's see how many mattresses bed frames, air conditioners, lawnmowers and furniture that fits into those little vans.
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