The spirit of Casey has left the Nordics

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    As a FT operations supervisor in Denmark, with five lovely years in UPS, new top managment has discarded the brown spirit from the district and replaced it with one mans desire to move upwards in this great company. The spirit of Casey lives in me and the way I work, but unfortunately not in the way our staff managers treats our district as their own little privat company. No respect, no trust and no desire to maintain our previous great service. 30% will be LIB even for shorter routes where our own drivers can make it back in the same shift (because this is what they do in Germany, so now you do it in Denmark). I no longer feel like a part of a big brown family. My days are counted under this managment, and I will be sorry having to leave this great company. Why does :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: like this happend?
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    Wow,the ass:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing has gone global!
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    dont leave . Now just go withthe tide,
    we will all be sea sick together.
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    Screw service as long as it benefits the shareowner! The NEW UPS!
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    I have worked for a few fortune 500 companys and it's all the same. Money money and more money. As the "old timers" fade away so do their values. The customer is no longer the number one priority. We all know these are businesses and they need to make money to survive but at what cost? Is it right to short change the customer to make an extra buck?
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    sounds like you have a conscience.

    quit while you still have one.