UPS Enhances Services In Seven Cities In Japan, Enabling Quicker And More Efficient Global Trade


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  • Global import shipments to select cities in Saitama and Tokyo now delivered one day earlier
  • Export shipments from select cities in Aichi prefecture now delivered to global destinations one day earlier
UPS ® (NYSE:UPS), today announced details of its recent service enhancements in Japan, designed to help both importers and exporters better connect to the global market place.

As a result of these enhancements, the transit time for global imports to the cities of Yashio, Misato and Koshigaya in Saitama, and Kunitachi and Fuchu cities in Tokyo is reduced by one business day, while export shipments from the cities of Chiryu and Obu in Aichi will also arrive to destinations worldwide one business day earlier than before.

“UPS’s commitment to the expansion of our network in Japan supports the upward trend in the country’s global trade figures,” said Daryl Tay, President of UPS Japan. “In 2018, the value of imports to Japan grew by almost 10%, and the value of exports climbed 4% year on year1, and we expect this trend to continue.

“UPS is committed to boosting the speed, agility and efficiency of business, all of which are important factors in Japanese companies maintaining their competitiveness in the global economy. Shorter time in transit not only speeds up deliveries, it also allows businesses to reduce inventory and handle more types of products, which is particularly helpful for small- and medium-sized business owners conducting business internationally.”

Yashio, Misato and Koshigaya cities are home to Japan’s industrial machinery, automotive, high-tech, and apparel and textiles industries2, with wholesale and retail businesses central to the local economies of Kunitachi and Fuchu3. While customers in these cities have already been enjoying the convenience of the same-day pickup service, with the new enhancement they can also benefit from the same-day delivery service. Additionally, for export services from Misato city, the pickup cutoff time is extended by three hours, giving shippers more time to fulfill orders.

And with export shipments from Chiryu and Obu – also known for their strength in the industrial machinery, automotive, and high-tech sectors4 – now arriving to destinations worldwide one day faster than previously, companies in these two cities can benefit from even faster connectivity to the global marketplace.

This expansion to its delivery network is the latest in a series of recent services and solutions introduced in Japan where UPS has enhanced its offering by:

  • Introducing UPS My Choice, which provides much more flexibility and control over how small businesses and consumers receive their shipments, improving the experience of both UPS’s customers and its customers’ customers.
  • Launching UPS eFulfillment, giving online retailers in Japan easy access to over 200 million customers in the U.S. and Canada by enabling convenient management of sales across multiple marketplaces, including Rakuten
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