The Time Is Now?-NEW HIRE? DS GRADUATE-Whats Next?30 Day?

Will i be hired on permanently?

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What a cheerful batch O gremlins you all are!! Next important question->What do I need to do now to successfully complete my 30 day, Id appreciate USEFUL advice if at all possible in this pig. I need some responses that apply with TODAYS ups,Thanks again you bunch O genius' that can't read a couple para's but amazingly can read a UPS orange door tag.

Cheers for the Congrats @PeakMode & insight @Been In Brown Too Long
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How does one qualify,seriously?

Kinda tough cause some seasonal driver just shuttle then others are on a split route. For arguments sake, let's say you are getting ready to start your 30 days. Ask for some driver manifest. (Ask for Wed and Thur.)

On the the route on your own and learn the area (short cuts, potential car placements.) keep in mind potential heavy traffic areas and times.

First 3 days are with the Sup. Pay attention and ask the Sup any question you have. Ask the Sup what he is expecting out of you for these 30 days. Some want you to strach or under allow your route once...some want you to strach or under allow 3 days str8 and get a sales lead. Know your 10s,5s,8 Keys,Yard Control rules, and 5 LEADs. Usually, you will drive 3rd day and the next 3 times with a 6.5 plan day. Then you get bump to a 8+ plan day.

Do what you got to do to qualify. Wheither its coming in early to talk with your loader and setup your car or taking 10 to 20 mins of your allocated lunch time to set your car up for the remainder of the day. Do whatever it takes for those 30 days but stop that ish after you qualify.

Only talk to you Sup or Manger when necessary. (Hi and goodbye). You cannot rely on the DIAD stop for stop. You must develop area knowledge. Some dispatches will place packages on your car that arent listed on the DIAD so make sure you set that truck up atleast once and know what's on it. Find people who have driven the route and ask for driver tips to beast the route.

Cliff Notes
Protect Yourself
Protect the Public
Dont wreck the damn car.
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I remember how excited i was when i graduated from integrad and started seasonal driving. Then January 15th came around and i had to report back to my old preload position, but luckily i only had to that for about 3 months. I signed a FT bid sheet then qualified now im 2 years in as a FT driver.