The UPS Store: Coming to a Main Street Near You

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    Company introduces new small town and rural community franchise model

    To better serve small business owners in all areas of the country, The UPS Store® introduced today its Main Street franchise model designed to support opening The UPS Stores into small towns and rural communities within the U.S.

    The new The UPS Store franchise model allows qualifying franchisees to save $20,000 in fees and an additional $40,000-$60,000 in other The UPS Store franchise costs compared to Franchisees in more urban locations. According to 2010 Census data, nearly one-third of U.S. residents live in rural areas.

    "We have heard firsthand from our small business customers how important it is for them to support their local communities," said Chris Adkins, vice president of franchise development at The UPS Store, Inc. "Our Main Street model can help make sure small businesses in rural locations have access to the products, services and support they need."

    The UPS Store has been endorsed by SCORE, a national organization dedicated to helping small businesses grow through education and mentorship, for its efforts to grow business in rural communities. "Rural small businesses are often challenged to easily find resources that can help them grow," said Mark J. Dobosz, president of The SCORE Foundation. "SCORE believes that with greater expansion into rural areas, The UPS Store can help small businesses grow, and ultimately help improve the economic fabric and overall health of their communities."

    The UPS Store offers a range of products and services to meet the needs of small business owners. In addition to well-recognized services like packing and shipping, printing, faxing, direct mail, and mailbox services, The UPS Store will also work with business owners to develop custom solutions to meet their unique business needs.

    "Every The UPS Store location is owned by individual small business experts that are well-versed in the unique make-up of the communities in which they work and live," said Adkins. "They can offer insights, advice and services relevant to other small businesses in their neighborhoods."

    For more information about The UPS Store's Main Street franchise model please visit
  2. Could this be a step toward privatization of the USPS?
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    It's more of an effort for UPS to suck more money out of potential franchisees. From everything I read profits are hard to come by with these stores. Owners complain of UPS tactics that micromanage everything thing they do.(Imagine that) At one point their was a huge lawsuit against UPS from franchisees trying to recoup their fees after UPS forced them to convert from the MBE. I would guess between that and a way to eliminate more rural routes by alternate delivering packages to boxes is their main interest
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    just another way for ups to kill the little guy who already has a shipping outlet. first they milk the little guy in shipping fees, rape him for insurance rates, give some lame excuse on why it is late, then smash his package and refuse to pay the claim because ups did not package the product. read the fine print boys n girls.