The UPS Store Offers Entrepreneurs A Chance For Up To $25,000


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Call for entry for second annual “Small Biz Challenge” with winners to receive cash and a feature in an upcoming issue of Inc. Magazine and

For the second year, The UPS Store, Inc. and Inc. Magazine are joining forces to find the country’s most knowledgeable small business owners through an exciting national business competition. Entrepreneurs and innovators from across the country are invited to enter the second annual Small Biz Challenge, a contest that offers eligible entrepreneurs a chance to win up to $25,000 and an editorial feature in an upcoming issue of Inc. Magazine and

With more than 4,800 independently owned and operated franchise locations across the United States, The UPS Store, Inc. understands the hard work and know-how needed to run a business. The nationwide, live business competition will seek out and reward the most outstanding, well-rounded small business owners who can handle anythingthat comes their way.

“Our national network of The UPS Store locations serves small business owners in communities across the United States, and every day we see incredible entrepreneurs walk through our doors,” said Michelle Van Slyke, senior vice president of marketing and sales at The UPS Store, Inc. “The Small Biz Challenge is an opportunity to unite, recognize and reward the best and brightest in a very lively competition.”

During National Small Business Month in May, the contest’s finalists will play against one another in a competition in front of a live audience, showcasing their small business smarts. Robert Herjavec, investor on ABC’s hit TV show “Shark Tank,” and Founder & CEO of Herjavec Group, will serve as an expert to offer feedback and advice throughout the event to finalists and business owner attendees.

“As an entrepreneur, I understand the hard work, dedication and risk it takes to run a business and run it well,” said Herjavec. “I am thrilled to participate with The UPS Store once again to recognize some of the most talented small business owners in the country, and help provide an opportunity for them to succeed on a high-profile stage testing their skills, poise and business acumen.”

The UPS Store, Inc. encourages small business owners from all 50 states and the District of Columbia to participate in this challenge. To enter the contest, eligible business owners and entrepreneurs need to complete a brief entry application online.

The UPS Store® Small Biz Challenge is now open for submissions. Here are the details:

  • The online entry submission period is open from Jan. 27 to Feb. 23.
  • Once the online entry submission period closes, 10 semi-finalists will be chosen by a panel of judges.
  • A public online vote will take place between Mar. 23 and Apr. 19 to narrow the 10 semi-finalists down to six finalists.
  • The six finalists will be split into two groups with three finalists competing in a live business challenge competition in San Diego and three competing in Boston. There will be one final winner named at each of the events.
  • In addition to a cash prize based on performance in the challenge competition, the grand prize winner at each event will receive an editorial feature in an upcoming issue of Inc. Magazine and, showcasing the winner and their business story.