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    For those of you(us) who despise their job at Fedex, I suggest you read the link above. RELATIVELY speaking, it suddenly doesn't seem as horrible as what those folks are experiencing. While I agree to some degree with alot of what gets posted here, I have had worse jobs, so I am one of those who keep looking for the silver lining. Besides that, retirement for me is a not-so-distant light in the tunnel. Party on.

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    Sounds exactly like FedEx. Bezos is the new Fred S. Move over Freddie, there's a new Scrooge in town.
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    well, guess I'll scratch Amazon off my "potential retirement jobs" list. Sounds like it would be more of a lateral transfer.
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    Agreed. Not a whole lot different, especially if you are in management. They own you, and Bezos is fully aware of his company's culture, just like Smith. If they can get 85 hours a week out of you, they will.
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    I love how they addressed that they were installing air conditioning to make working more comfortable in the warehouse but wouldn't address the near impossible expectations workers are expected to hit. All for minimum wage.

    That's why I haven't bought anything from Amazon since I first read about how they treat their employees, especially the those warehouse people.
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    One of my coworkers at Ground got his own route a few years ago, but lost it in a month after a complaint. He's been hauling Amazon to the Post Office for about 18 months.. 2 straight trucks.
    I asked him if I could make the same $ working for him, and he flat out told me I could if I had my own truck but not one he provided,