thieving bastards


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I cant keep any bit of food in my car it granola bars or chicken wings. Whatever it is somebody will eat it.
I like to keep these things with me in case my blood sugar gets low. We all know that dizzy feeling you can get when your really in need of food.
I also would like to know who keeps stealing my handtruck. Its in the back of the car when i go home, one would assume it would be there when i come back.
I left a nice raincoat in the car one time guessed it........gone.
I know you all are going to say "dont leave your sh1t in the back of the car" but cmon.
I have enough to worry about without having to search for a handtruck whilst buying overpriced candy from the vending machine,getting soaked and wondering who in the hell would open a to go box full of cold strange chicken wings and ingest them.
Next week im going behind a chinese restaurant and digging out a big ole togo box of sh1t and see if any body eats it.
Maybe its a conspiracy.....i dont know....i just want my stuff left alone.
Im pinnin' the blame on the local sort.......they are now officially on probation.

Thats a memo


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I like the "chinese" idea.

I bought a hard plastic container with flaps that fold shut and interlock that I could put a padlock on to keep my things secure. You might have seen one of these containers at a convenience store that they get their merchandise delivered to them in.

As for the two wheel cart, I had my mechanic mount two eye bolts to the lip of the bottom self (behind the drivers seat), sticking outward, the width of the two wheel cart and lock my cart into these eye bolts. With the cart standing upright and secured, the eye bolts are not going to be in your way. This way the cart is were I need it and not rolling around the floor as you drive down the road. The cart won't walk up and down the shelf because the bolts keep it in place.

Your problem of the food reminds me of a what a co-worker of mine did years ago. He's now retired so I'll tell the story. He would buy the big containers of Gatorade and leave them in an Igloo container. Every once in a while, he would forget and leave the Igloo in the truck over night and the next day he would come in and someone would have drank his "juice". You know Gatorade, it's yellow............. I think you can figure the rest out. Problem was fixed.


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I have heard of driver's empty Powerade or Gatorade bottles as "Executive Urinals". When you have to go, you have to go.....:lol:

outta hours

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We have to lock our hand carts up each night when we get in. Ups gives us a chain we have to supply the padlock. Great place we work huh? If it's not locked down it's gone.


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We had a driver some 20 years ago in our center who would get hungry during the day, and would help himself to summer sausage, cheeses and other goodies during the holiday season. Of course , this was long before bar codes and tracking packages. He would use the metal clip board clip to slice the sausage.He enjoyed several peak seasons before getting caught.


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Ahh, the package car is a delivery vehicle, not a fridge. Could be the car wash is just throwing things out that are not to be left in the vehicle?

As for hand trucks, it is a problem everywhere. And in our center, we have drivers giving them away to customers, then stealing the one off another drivers truck.

I took care of that problem. I left mine at my first and last stop, which are the same stop. I deliver them frist thing, even before the air, and pick it up, and drop it off last thing of the day when I get the pickup. That way it is always there when I need it. The cover drivers also know it is there.

We have had drivers chain them in, only to have other drivers cut the chain to get them out.

Another problem we have is drivers trying to over load or incorrectly load a hand truck and ben the thing all to pieces. Then they steal someone elses and leave the broken one in its place.



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You all must work in big centers or hubs. Man, in our center no one would touch the drivers' food. That's pretty messed up, stealing a man's food.
Thou shalt not steal!


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Danny-that is what I did with my cart also (great minds run alike I guess). If a driver chained his cart to a rail and then go on vacation you knew his cart would be gone by the time he got back. Also just before I retired they stopped letting us chain them to the rails, supposedly a safety hazard.


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As for food, years ago I delivered out of a Hon car that had a "glove box" of sorts over the windshield. Or maybe it was a P400, dont remember.

Anyway, I had it one day in the summer, and could not figure out what the heck stunk so badly. Someone had saved most of a bucket of chicken, two partial loaves of bread, a jar of mayo, three different luncheon meats all in various states of decay.

It was raunchy trying to get that mess out of there, but I couldnt stand it.



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Oh the memories!

Back when I was in high school I had a part time job one summer. Well there was this one guy who pretty much didn't mind drinking another person's beverages. Finally it got to the point that I purchased a Rt. 44 soda from Sonic poured half of it out and crumbled up a urinal puck in it and left it. Sure enough 15 minutes later here he comes. One sip of that and he coughed and sputtered for the rest of the day, but he never touched anyone drink again!:lol:


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Years back we had a super nice PM PT sup. He had a goodie drawer for himself & the drivers that we shared & replenished. This drawer was getting raided, so I had the wife bake up some chocolate chip cookies....You guessed it, the 'chips' were exlax. One of the PT preload sups called in sick the day after we put those cookies in the drawer.
Give ya any ideas?


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I trust my loader not to take anything out of my car. The car wash is ran by contractors, and my suspicions are they take what ever loose change is left on the DIVA. We had some stereos ripped off out of the package cars also. Not one thing was done by loss prevention. I guess if packages are not stolen, they don't care.


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I'm guilty...
I did it, I once ate a granola bar left by one of my drivers.


Now my preloader, leaves soda, and water, and brownies behind

I think partially cause he's in such a rush to get out, I haven't
seen him in 2 months... yet he still gets unacceptables...


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As bad as the situation is about things turning up missing, I just don't leave anything worth taking in my truck. The problem I have is when undesirable things are left in my package car which include garbage left by the preload and the driver that covers my route but my number one irratating thing that I find left in my truck is soda bottles left full of lets just say not their original liquid, apparently bathrooms are difficult to locate on my route. I asked the cover driver not to leave these in my truck, which didn't stop it, so I then proceeded to the center manager which as you can guess did not alleviate them problem either so the next step was to put the bottle on the center managers desk the next time it happened and I guess what, problem solved, obviously he did not like them left in his office either..


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That seems to be a problem everywhere.
One guy i know said he crapped in a 2nd day pack once. I dont want to know how he got rid of it.


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here's a solution-

get a NDA box and an ASD, fill it out with an address on the route, put your stuff in the box and seal it, service cross it with a NI and keep it with the other NI's.

Works all the time.


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breadbooze said:
here's a solution-

get a NDA box and an ASD, fill it out with an address on the route, put your stuff in the box and seal it, service cross it with a NI and keep it with the other NI's.

Works all the time.

That works until loss prevention accuses you of stealing when they find it.