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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by jdobush, Jun 15, 2003.

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    Im thinking about getting this job in addition to a pt job i already have. Whats everyones opinions of this job? I know they start out at 8.50 an hour, how fast does that move up? Also how good are chances for advancement and promotion?

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    the job is really not that bad. Raises come once a year. the raises would average about 90 cents to a dollar. advancement...well good luck with that. I've been part-time for 7 years and probably will have to stay parttime for another 3 before i can advance to full time. so if in ten years you either want to be managment or still doing the same thing you started doing 5,6,7 years ago then this is the job for you.
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    I'm a preloader in the morning, the hours sux we start a five and get off about 9 in the morning, the insurance is great and you get about a 75cent raise each year. I make 16.25 an hour now ive been there 8 yrs. Your back will hurt everyday, the loaders handle around 500 pkgs plus a morning..Hope I helped u out
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    <font color="0000ff">The job is alright. If you do things the right way you won't get back problems and more than likely not any other problems either. It is possible though but don't worry too much about that. The whole seniority thing is frustrating though. It's just one of those things that can be good or bad depending on the situation just like being in the union itself. The pay is OK but UPS p/ters are the lowest paid in the business but "MIGHT" not be in 6 years (might as well say 5 now) but only if you were hired before August 1, 2002. Otherwise you'd be getting a $0.50 raise every year on the date you are hired but it's really not that bad. </font>
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    Ya know..the job is so darn good.. I'm actually thinking about giving up my full time job and going back to being a part time loader...
    There's nothing like it...

    mmmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    <font color="0000ff">We had a guy do that here. He runs air in the mornings after he finishes loading package cars on preload. </font>
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    I dont think that the statement that UPS part timers are the lowest paid in the industry is accurate. Mind to give a few examples of where you can make more than $15 an hour working 3-4 hours a day? With full benifits?

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    <font color="0000ff">I learned over the past couple of years by a little research and word of mouth. It is a fact that UPS part-timers are the lowest paid compared to all he other major competitors. For Example...The average Fed Ex part-timer is paid more than us and has good benefits as well as we do. $15.00/hr at UPS for a part-timer seems to only apply to people with around 8 years of time in. That is good but I know there are other part-timers at the other companies making more with less time in. Would I work at one of those others instead of UPS?? MAYBE....if the idea of making $19.00/hr-$28.00/hr driving for UPS wasn't looming in the back of my mind. Other than that I guess driving distance would probably be the final factor in deciding which I'd work for. </font>
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    What you state as a fact is just your opinion. You state that the average FDX part timer makes more than us. What is the "average wage" that a part timer makes there? And in your opinion what is the average that a part timer at UPS makes, like I said on the average.

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    IMO its the best part time job anywhere. I did it for eight years and now I am a full time driver waiting for my opportunity for promotion. it is almost here.

    If you would like to be a contributing member of the leader in the parcel delivery industry, and have a chance to one day move up into management with UPS --- you can't lose. UPS has so much going in so many different areas/arenas and continued growth over the coming years/decades is certain.
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    <font color="0000ff">No it'a fact that UPS part-timers are paid less than Fed Ex Express and not just my opinion. I dont recall exact amounts but I know we were making lower wages "on average" than they were. What makes this NOT my opinion is the numerous reports, articles, news articles on the internet and newspapers, word of mouth straight from the sources, and etc. I believe they all said the average p/t UPSer was a $10.35 or so and all those sources stated that Fed Ex was making more than that. I've seen these figures here and there over the past 4 years and there were many of them especially during the contract negotiating. I wish it all wasnt true but it is. But like I said 6 years we MIGHT be up there with them wage wise. So the facts are....Your typical part-timer at Fed Ex and Fed Ex Ground makes more money than their UPS counter parts. I thought it was kind of sad when I almost worked for Fed Ex Express and they were going to start me out at the pay rate it took me 4 years to reach at UPS and with good benefits but at the same time I was glad I stayed at UPS instead. It was the better choice for me. Things might be different for others. It all depends on what you are shooting for and all that good stuff. </font>
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    Copy the following url and paste it into your browser to go to an employment ad that FedEx is currently running on;brd=1,1862,1863&amp;lid=&amp;fn=&amp;q=

    Here are the highlights:


    Part-time Package Handlers at FedEx Home Delivery take an active, physical role in keeping packages moving and our business running. Roll up you sleeves and work up a sweat as you earn a weekly paycheck and an opportunity to receive tuition assistance. Plus our part-time schedules are perfect for college students or anyone looking to supplement their income.


    18 years or older
    Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
    Ability to load, unload, and sort packages
    Shift starts at 5:30am, Tuesday - Saturday
    <font color="ff0000"> $8.00/hr. to start, scheduled raises</font>
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    <font color="0000ff">That is a very bad example but might be my fault. I believe we were discussing Fed Ex Express and should have clarified that but even the average Fed Ex Ground Part-timer is paid more than a UPSser. Fed Ex Home Delivery is too young to even include in the conversations. Fed Expess was going to start me at 10.35/hr and everyone I know or have ever known that works there is pulling in much more than I am now afer 4+ years. It's sad but true. Its easy to except the truth once die hard UPSers put aside their biassed attitudes and recognize it. By this I mean people that are unwillng to admit the truth because they think UPS is just the greatest thing on this Earth. I know UPS is supposed to be better in allot of your minds (by opinions) but I'm looking at the numbers here instead of ignoring the facts because I like UPS better and plus I also remember making more $$ at Fed Ex Ground after one day than I was making at UPS afer a year and a half. Does that mean I am bashing UPS? No...just pointing out the truth. UPS is better for me for many reasons but I have to admit if I lived closer to Fed Ex I'd maybe work there instead. "MAYBE" is the key word.</font>
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