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    Am i the only person that doesnt think this is right? I went to orientation for driver helper on the 15th and I was told that I would be able to start and meet up with a driver right after my preload shift and work as a driver helper. Then the coordinator called me yesterday asking if i could meet her on monday. I told her that i had planned to start my driver's helper job right after my normal shift. She said that this year they were just going to have driver helper's meet their drivers somewhere on their route and then start working from that point, after getting on the truck with them. This is wrong and stupid on so many levels. For 1. there are places a route could be that arent exactly safe to leave your vehicle, 2. not to be mean i am not getting paid to find a driver elsewhere when i can just get on the truck after my shift at the hub. You want people to be driver helper's but you are expecting them to go elsewhere at the price of gas and meet up with drivers when all they should have to do is meet there driver's at the trucks at the hub. It's making stuff far more complicated then it has to be. Not to mention, they are not endorsing us for gas the ground hub i work at is in west columbia, south carolina. Say my driver's route is in sumter. I am so sorry i am not going to drive a hour away from west columbia if not more depending on traffic to get there. I really want this job, and need the money. Why are they expecting us to do this as i said its stupid on so many levels. There are even still some teens that dont have that reliable of transportation. My transportation is my mom because she works over at the air ramp, that is 5 minutes from the ground hub. So i just ride in with her, i also am saving up to get a car. And because driving was never a big deal to me I am just in the beginning process of getting my liscense. Even if i did have a liscense at the price of gas and the hassle who in the hell would do this and go along with it anyways?? THIS IS BULL.

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    You Go Girl! Sorry about your situation, but being dumped on and manipulated are part of being the new kid on the block. Have'nt heard about driver helpers meeting on the road, I would'nt know what part of my load I needed my helper (How about from the first delivery?).

    It might be a inconveince to you but, don't you want the hours???

    btw, tone down your script, need sunglasses to read your post.
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    I am on the preload shift. I could go to the trucks in 5 minutes right after my shift WHILE THEY ARE STILL LOADING THE TRUCKS! That is why i dont get this for people that do work preload and need the money and the hours and the experience why not allow them to go ahead and get on the truck?? This also illeviates from them having to find someone else to meet up with to take time away from their deliveries. And this gives the people on preload at ground hub that can go straight over and meet the drivers the experience. For the people on preload this would make everyone happy. People that dont work preload could meet up with the drivers elsewhere, people that work at preload could meet the drivers after their shift, and they would also have the oppurtunity since they are already there to work every single day for a driver and help them. A driver would also not have to take time away from their route. Thats what im saying why are they makin this all complicated?? :mad:
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    Around here they want the helpers to meet the drivers out on the routes also. It sucks. They also don't want the helper working more than 4 hours per day. Another thing that is stupid is that helpers are being givin to drivers that don't need them. In my center there are drivers going out with more than enough stops to warrant a helper but arent getting them. They come in around 8:00, yet, other drivers that don't really need a helper are going out with one and comming in at around 5:00. It's a total waste to give certain drivers a helper just so they can be finished around the same time they normally are (between 4:00-5:30) and not giving drivers with 180 stops one. Favoritism?

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

    Have you asked, since transportation is a problem for you, if you can ride out to area with the driver and clock in when you get on area?:confused:1
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    I know the way UPS operates at times doesn't make sense. We are in a very competitive business, and there are alot of factors that weigh into helper start times. First there are seniority issues-usually the most senior helpers have dibs on routes. Secondly there are production issues-usually the driver is running bulk stops, and next day air early in the day,so you would not be as productive as you could be, if you met the driver later in the day helping with residential stops. If you have transportaion problems sometimes a driver can pick you up near your house, so talk to the person in charge of coordinating meet times with the driver and helper. Be safe as you help.
    PS-Love the pink bunny.lol
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    Thanks, anyone else has any other info why this may be happening since it makes no sense really. Feel free to still comment.
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    The driver helper position is to help deliver the residential stops.
    1. UPS does not want to pay 2 people to drive to and from the hub.
    2. Using a helper to deliver the overnight packages in the morning would be very inefficient because the stops are usually spread out.
    3. Business delivery stops generally would not go any faster with 2 people, so the company does not want driver helper doing them.
    4. Business pick up strings at the end of the day generally do not go any faster with 2 people, so the company does not want driver helper doing them.
    If a driver has a driver helper UPS expects the drivers stops per hour to go up dramaticaly. The driver helper time worked is figured into the drivers allowed time. If a helper was on car for the whole day the drivers allowed time would be atleast negative 4 hours. This would kill the center teams time allowed average and is probably why they won't let you ride all day. It's all about the numbers.
    Maybe you can meet another driver that is closer to the hub.
  9. That's how it works. Its an opportunity to make some extra $$$. If you don't agree with how it works, don't be a helper. No one is forcing you to do anything.
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    "..and I was told that I would be able to start and meet up with a driver right after my preload shift.."

    Go to the person who told you this. Ask him if he has an integrity problem. Tell him you plan to call the Corporate Ethics Hotline and discuss his dishonesty.
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    LOL anyone that makes a promise or "OK's" something in my district and then is called on it, at the risk of reflecting bad on them, denies it to the last breathe.
    My driver picks me up at my house (since it's on route) around 11am we bust out some dense commercials and a couple industrials dumps to get room to resort the load that is all over the place...we then can be productive and bust out the res. But they've been bitching about overtime (no more than 8hrs in a day) so my driver just gets screwed :mad:
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    Angel, since I don't believe that the whole leaving with the driver after the preload thing is going to fly (unproductive) I would get with your helper cooridator and ask to get locked in with a driver near where you live or work, instead of in sumter or whatever. UPS considers getting transportation to where you meet the driver just the same as commuting to the hub so naturally you won't be reimbursed mileage or fuel. You may get lucky if you talk to your sup & the helper cooridator to get locked in with a driver who loops around your house and may be able to pick you up and drop you off there or close by.
    It may not make sense to you and seem more complicated than just jumping on with a driver after the sort but it is that way for a reason...after 40 hours in a week you will make overtime at whatever rate you are on, first off they want to limit inside overtime, second they don't want to pay you transporation time, and lastly there are times on the route (early dumpstops and NDA's) where having a helper just wouldn't be productive. It's all about $$$$